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Journeyman III

how to configure Intel MPI on EPYC 7742

Hello, I am using a server with AMD EPYC 7742 CPU to run HFSS simulation. Compared with my normal intel cpu server, this server runs very slowly, and I cannot use two processors at the same time when scanning parameters. But two CPUs can be called on the intel server. And when I installed the intel MPI, it was prompted that it was not an intel architecture. Forcing the installation will not get good performance. I tried to ask the supplier for help, but apparently they didn’t know anything and couldn’t find an easy way on Google. I tried to check the manual of amd "high performance computing: tuning guide for epyc 7002series processors" but it seems mainly for linux, and i am using windows server 2019, so please help me, thank you!20211205153841.png

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Re: how to configure Intel MPI on EPYC 7742

Please post this same thread at AMD Forum's SERVER GURUS that deals with everything to do with EPYC processors and Server hardware and software from here: