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Adept I

How much electricity (Watts) does my Ryzen 3 3200G pull in operation?

I just need to know the greatest wattage my Ryzen 3 3200G is likely to pull when it's working, please.

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That is a difficult question to answer. There isn't much info on that yet.

The only thing I could locate that indicates power (wattage) under 100% load was from this YouTube video which shows it to be around 100-101 watts under 100% load: Ryzen 3 3200g Temperature , Power consumption , Cinebench scores - YouTube 

How accurate this is, I have no idea.

Thank you very much for your help. I'll try to sanity check that figure

later today and let you know.


Following up on my previous reply, I've been trying to sanity check the

reading in that video. It's nearly impossible to get a figure on the power

draw of a CPU anywhere. (And for other desktop components, it's still like

pulling teeth!)

This article gives figures between 80 abs 140 Watts, it's as good a guess

as any.

It doesn't exactly confirm your video, but at least it's in the ballpark.

(What bugs me more is that the engineers at AMD would have the figure at

their fingertips, but there's no way to ask them.)


I would suggest to open a AMD SERVICE REQUEST (Official AMD SUPPORT) from here: 

If you work for a company or explain the reason why you need to find the max wattage that particular processor uses under stress situations they may be more able to help you. Just my personal opinion.

Not sure how helpful they will be, but maybe an AMD Engineer will answer your question if it isn't considered to be a company restricted information.

I don't know how that person in YouTube was able to isolate the amount of Wattage the processor is using. But I have come upon a couple of Tech Websites that did mentions the range of Wattage a certain processor was rated under maximum load. But the 3xxx is still too new of processor and seems like tech sites haven't started testing the processors in depth yet.


I just read at PC World that the Ryzen 3 3200g is the same as the Ryzen 2200g but with a 7nm architecture. AMD's new Ryzen 3000 APUs give budget gamers an affordable taste of Radeon Vega | PCWorld 

Found this review of the 2200g and 2400g and the Power consumption for the 2200g max is identical to the Youtube video for the 3200g: Power Consumption & Noise - AMD Raven Ridge Thermal/Power Analysis: Ryzen CPUs With Vega 


This looks like ~101 Watts max is as good a guess as any. I'll try your

link to the official AMD support, but if they're as helpful as every other

company support department I've dealt with so far, (like pulling teeth), I

won't feel too uncomfortable about allowing ~101 Watts for the CPU.

Thanks again!

Great graph. Some slim desktop cases comes with 200W PSU, but seems more power may be needed after outervisition suggesting 228W (m2 ssd, cpu, 8GB stick and mainboard being the only components).

Adept II

Don't forget, that value may change depending on if you run the APU with boost or not, or if you overclock it.  If what you are really asking is how big of a power supply you need, don't forget the motherboard and any fans the case or CPU cooler has will draw power as well.  And if that is the question you're asking, a 450 or 500 watt power supply will be more than plenty if you don't have anything else major on the power supply.


Try out Power Supply Calculator from OuterVision, just visit the their site and you can open up the calculator from there, just press expert mode and choose the exact specs for your build there (and if the parts your using isnt there just choose the closest thing spec wise to what your using) and press calculate.

Tried seeing how accurate their results were by connecting a wattmeter to my PC and comparing the results i got from it under heavy load using Blender GPU+CPU rendering. then compared it with what outervisions PSU calc gave me after giving it my exact build and the result were pretty close. My total Power usage in watts (using a wattmeter) was actually slightly lower than what PSU calc gave me but it was close enough, My actuall load wattage was around 535-540w while OuterVision showed something like 550w.

Thank you. I've seen several online PSU calculators, it's good to know that

at least one has had its accuracy checked by someone. You never know, right?