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Journeyman III

How Long Does RMA process usually take for CPU in 2020?

I made an RMA request for my Ryzen 5 3600 yesterday, and after looking though other people's experiences with AMD RMA support I see that it can take a serious amount of time to advance the RMA process. I think I saw that one person did not receive an email that AMD thought that he had received, so he was waiting on AMD while they were in turn waiting on him! How should I go about the RMA process to get through it as fast as possible? In other words, are there any steps I should take to ensure that my waiting time is not very long?

Thanks, Dultak

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Adept II

Took a week for them to reply initially. I replied within hours with all the information they requested. Then about 2.5 weeks after that I got a RMA authorization email. This is with me sending follow up emails weekly asking for status. So figure about 3-4 weeks from your initial contact until you get an RMA authorization. I will be returning the CPU Monday. Not sure how long the process will take after that.

This is awful.  I'm trying to start one with my crashing 5800x and I've already wasted so much time just trying to have a stable system.

Adept II

I initiated an RMA on the 3rd week of November and received a replacement CPU on Christmas eve.

So it took a month.


@mrsense wrote:

I initiated an RMA on the 3rd week of November and received a replacement CPU on Christmas eve.

So it took a month.

Really, are you kidding me? Me too, only, I haven't received a response YET, not just a replacement... 


I received automated generated email telling me that my RMA was approved and I had to send it withing 30 days. (26/10) send it 29/10 with the "ultra fast way"

to : AMD c/o Kuehne + Nagel
    1 Pudongweg
    Rozenburg (NH),  1437 EM
    +44 1276 932318


fast forward it arrived in Netherlands 13/11 and I have no update since then, what happened? Did they change to the local tracking number? Was it arrived? was it declined? Did dragons steal it?. I got an email 20/11 telling me that it did not arrive yet and that I have 5 days to request an extension (So I did). Nothing happened, I started 3-4 tickets and got no reply. Today I started another ticket and a bot (probably) replied 20 minutes later telling me that the #SR I asked about has expired and it's not allowed to update me on it?


I panicked then I thought it probably is a bot replying. So I sent another one now. I don't care how long it's gonna take I just want an update 3 months later (it's almost 3 months). 


And to make matters worse, I thought, that my RMA will arrive to them in 3-4 days and they will send me or repair it back in 5-10 days. So I was planning not buying another 3600 and to wait for the replacement. Thankgod my parrents convinced me to buy one, because not even NOW 5600 is in stock in my country. 


I'm in the U.S.  Maybe that's why.

The AMD rep corresponding to my RMA request was very prompt.  The only thing annoyed me was he was asking me for several infomation in 3 different emails instead of a single.  By the way, my RMA was for a 5800X due to abnormally high temperature.


I started having issues with my AMD Ryzen 7 3700X


After testing ram, ssd, cpu, gpu and psu ...I've come to a conclusion that it's the CPU(Prime95 failed a few times one time on core 2 another on thread 16) anyway they did ask me extended details about the issue ...which was basically "shuttering" after 20-30 minutes of turned on it was shuttering on about everything, so 5-6 tabs of youtube ....shutter, gaming while I stream? shuttering/frame drop etc.


So after giving the full details I got to send the CPU on Saturday and it's suppose to get a reply after 7-10 business days as they said, lets see what will happen. I can't stream(I'm a kinda pro streamer), I can even have my pc functioning and I'm using my work's laptop which is annoying as everything is locked so basic functioning, no gaming ..nothing fun


P.S. They did ask me details of mobo+model+bios version(I did try several newer versions but I had the same luck), tried different ram from colleagues at work, nothing ...cpu shuttering all the time. I have a few videos if someone is interested to see this, never seen a cpu do that in a modern system and I had a computer shop for ages(previous job)

Adept I

to long, first i had to wait to even submit rma because amd in their infinite stupidity shut down the support servers till jan 5th so i couldnt even submit mine til 5 jan, it is now the 21st and still shows as under review so im sitting on 16 days still waiting and talkign to support is useless, tehy just kept asking for pics of cpu in various ways  from box, to mounted to unmounted, head of support made the false statement that they were asking for invoice ( they werent and i have the proof in the form of e-mails) so i sent more pics to some clown named nico who claimed to be head of support and i havent heard back from him (which i dont care he was useless and i asked to speak to his supervisor).


long story short, amd blows and this was the first ever amd product i have ever purchased but it is definatley my last, id rather stick with intel and nvidia seeing as i have never had an intel cpu fail on me not even decades old used pentium 1, 2, 3, and D units.  i even had to fire my old x58 980x system and buy a m.2 adapter card to get the copy of my invoice off of my broken threadripper pc ( yep it was my old INTEL cpu system that saved the day getting my invoice).  


i also want to add that there are 3 desktops, and 5 laptops in my house and out of all of the systems teh only ones that work without any issues are the intel units all of the amd units are either completely down from cpu failure after only 3 months ( my threadripper) to throttling, lagging opening programs from desktop ( and i mean programs like notepad).  and before anyne commetns and says it is ram issue that has already been debunked the ram was tried in intel cpu based systems and the problem doesnt happen with ram in intel system.  the issue is with the amd POS cpus.  tehy work fine for a few months but then go buggy or completly fail.


if your looking to build a system or looking to upgrade i suggest ditching amd and their garbage and go with intel, intel lasts amd doesnt, and shoudl you get unlucky with intel you can rest assured you wont get a run around and get a quick rma process.


with the way things are going i suspect amd usa support it outsourcing to the main company in china for rmas and support.

Adept I

i submitted my 3950x for replacement jan23/23 due to becoming unstable and boot looping after 2.5 years of running. 3 motherboards, 5 gpus, 2 sets of QVL ram, 2 PSUs, cpu always acted the same. i got immediate email responses for the application, i replied with my info and pictures immediately. next morning i had a request for a few more pictures, which i sent, and later on day 2 i was granted RMA. i boxed it up and shipped it on day 3. took a bit to get to the depot in FLA but once it got there, it moved fairly quickly into the system. the inspection was done in a couple of days, and i see that i have a return status of "completely processed" but i have no clue what that means. the ticket is still open and i haven't gotten any updates in about 4 days via email.