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How do I fix my ryzen 7 3700x overheating problems?

I got my 3700x a few weeks ago and the temperatures were pretty high with temperatures up to 93 degrees C whilst gaming with the out the box cooler (wraith prism). Which is quite worrying as I would like my cpu to last as long as possible and higher temperatures aren't doing it any favours. So today I have installed the NZXT kraken x42 AIO water cooler whilst the idle temperatures do breach a lower temperature that i have never seen my cpu reach before It has also reached the highest temperatures ive seen it. (102 degrees C). Forget the oven i can cook my own breakfast here thanks. 102 definitely seems worrying. Does anyone know where I should start in trying to figure out the problem? My cpu is not overclocked and I'm using the NZXT CAM application to monitor temperatures and i've created my own custom profiles to make sure that the pump and the fans are maxed out and even with google chrome and CAM being the only applications open currently I am above 80 degrees C. Please help as soon as possible.

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It sounds like either the thermal paste hasn't been applied properly or the CPU is faulty.

Water cooling should bring you lower temperatures than air.

Also these chips usually shutdown at 100c so the fact it is getting to 102c indicates a problem.

Can you do an RMA to try another one?


Adept I


Thank you for your reply so fast

My thoughts are it is to do with the CPU as with the stock fan and the watercooler came with their own thermal paste pre-applied. Both times these coolers were installed I know for a fact they were done correctly.  I mean... how difficult is  it to just hook the coolers onto some brackets and tighten with either a lever or a thumb nut so I doubt that the thermal paste is the issue. I think getting an RMA is a good idea. I'll see what I can do.




Yes, where did you put the thermal paste? If it was just a dab in the middle I suggest you re-do it. Zen 2 processors don't have the processor chiplets nor the I/O die in the middle. I'm pretty sure thats going to be the same to-do for anyhone with Zen 2 heat problems.


Thermal Paste comes pre-applied to the cooler.


Is hte cooler one of those circular types, and does it cover the entire IHS corner to corner?


I'm not sure exactly what you mean but the pump does look circular but you can see for yourself: Kraken X42 Water Cooling Fan | Liquid Cooling | NZXT | NZXT .

Also I don't know what IHS is.


The IHS is just the cover of the CPU that has the branding and model number etched onto it.


Theres been talk about those old circle-style AIO's that were made before Zen 2's time not properly covering the Chiplets due to their location on the package. If it doesnt it will lead to higher idle and operating temps which seems to be the case even if youve tighted the cooler down properly.

For refrence, My 3900x with an EK Velocity block, which has expanded coldplate and microfin coverage over the entire Ryzen IHS has my CPU idling at 22c.

I guess I should ask as well, what is your ambient temperature abouts?

I think that could well be the case however, even if I am not getting the temperatures I should be getting, I think 72º C under load is a pretty decent maximum temperature anyway. Especially since with the wraith prism cooler managed to let my temperatures rocket into the high 90's at some points.

Ambient temperatures are probably not quite accurate but are at 23.5º C.


FYI: Kraken Support has a fairly new Firmware update if your Kraken AIO is older then April 2019:Kraken X42 Water Cooling Fan | Liquid Cooling | NZXT | NZXT :

Kraken X Firmware Update (04.16.19)ZIP4.77 MB

Also I would use AMD own Ryzen Master to verify that your temperatures are as high as they are.  Another is HWmonitor.

From Kraken Support FAQ concern the X2 Series AIO CPU Coolers: Kraken X42/X52/X62/X72 (3rd Gen) – NZXT Support Center 

Make sure your Kraken Radiator is not leaking and you can feel the liquid circulating in the radiator's hose to the processor. There should be a slight temperature difference between the input and output hoses coming from the CPU processor.

Make sure the fan is working according to the temperature of the Processor. At such high temps the fan should be at maximum speed. Also make sure nothing is interfering with the Radiator Fan air flow.

The 3700x Spec from AMD:

The maximum operating temperature of the 3700x is 95c. This means that the processor will work normally up to this temperature without throttling. Once it get close too or surpasses 95c it starts reducing the speed of the processor to maintain the Max temperature at or under 95C.

If you are getting such high temperature with a liquid CPU Cooler, then your CPU Cooler is not installed properly or is defective or the Processor Temperature sensor is defective. The processor only has a TDP of 65 Watts. Your Liquid CPU Cooler should more than enough to maintain the processor cooler than 80C under heavy loads.

So I would download and install Ryzen Master and verify that temperature of the Processor. If it is indeed very high, I then would check the CPU Cooler for proper installation and making good contact with the Processor and the Radiator and Fan are working normally without leaks or blockages.

If the Kraken is not defective and working normally and Ryzen Master still indicates high temperatures than you may want to inquire with AMD Warranty to see if the processor needs to be RMAed from here: AMD Warranty Request Form | AMD 

Adept I

What is your motherboard?

Adept I

I want to thank everyone for all their help in aiding me figure out the problem. I do believe I have fixed it.

I played a bit of For Honor for about 10-15 minutes and the CAM technology reported back that my cpu reached a max temperature of 70 degrees Celsius and idle temperatures of between 40 and 60 degrees C. I say idle but that is just in the last half an hour of browsing the web but a small load nonetheless. If these temperatures still seem off or something you think I should be concerned about, please do reply to this message. Just to be clear this is with the NZXT Kraken x42 AIO 140mm water cooler.

Another question that would be helpful to know the answer to: I notice that even when just browsing the web the CPU temperatures JUMP from around... 43 to 59 degrees C and slowly slide back down staying in between those temperatures. Is this jumping a normal thing for CPU's or something that again I should be worried about or something that happens with all CPU's even when water cooled?

If those temperatures do seem normal then here is how I fixed it:

For all of you who want to know what the problem was as quick as possible and the solution, here:

Problem: Cooler not installed properly.

Fix: Tighten the thumb nut more on the cooler as the cooler is not fully in contact with the cpu as much as it could be.

For the long answer and my thought processes when installing and searching for the problem, here:

So when preparing for getting my PC parts and putting them together, I watched various videos entailing how to put it together, what to watch out for when building for the first time and so on. One of the things these people warn you is not to tighten the cooler too much or you could damage the CPU. While this, I'm sure, is correct I can honestly say this is what made me think "Let's be on the safe side and not tighten it much at all". 

Again, thank you all for your help and if you still think I have a problem with my CPU then please don't hesitate to contact me immediately as I don't want to sit here with a faulty cooling system.

For those who want my system specs to check everything is in order or have ideas to fix some of my other problems:

-Ryzen 7 3700x  -   NZXT Kraken x42 AIO 140mm water cooler

- RTX 2080 Super Zotac AMP Extreme

-Asus ROG STRIX x570-f Gaming Motherboard

- 16GB GDDR4 RAM 3200mhz

-650 watt EVGA PSU

-NZXT h500i case

-5 NZXT Fans (Including the watercooling fan)

-500gb m.2 SSD - black

-2TB HDD - blue

What is it idling at now that you found the issue?


Once I've started up my pc it sits around 60 for a few seconds, moves down to the 50's for a bit then sits within the 40's after the first minute and stays there occasionally dipping into the high 30's. Just to be clear, it stays in the 60's and 50's for only the first minute and once the cooling has properly got going it then sits within the 40's whilst idling.


get a new cooler that is suitable for AM4 which has much different requirements than older solutions

best bet is my favorite, liquid nitrogen gets real results but humidity is a problem