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Journeyman III

How about Synchro core?

Dear AMD and Community

With Zen AMD has brought out a fantastic cpu architecture.

The problem is more the most games are not able to use this fantastic number of cores.

Because of this my Question. We have simultanes multitrading where one core gives 2 threads, why not also make the Opposit?

I mean Synchro-threading. Where 2 ore more cores are simulated as being on thread / core for a Software which can use only a limited number of Threads.

Of cores it wil never have the effeciency of a multitreading optimized programm, but iwen if a core on this way only can give 60% of his true Power, a 4 core game whoul be by a 8 core Ryzen 20% faster. by a Threadripper with 16 cores iwen 140% faster. And There are still many games which are only using 2 cores until now and by 60% per core ewen the 8 cores would receive a 140% bonus one there performance by this games.

So why not developing synchrotrading???

I guess its more effort to teach the processor when tu use synchrotrading and when not then programming Synchrotrading itself. Making that 2 cores work together cant't be so difficullt for a company like amd with this budget and some of the smartest brains in the developing department.

Sorry if I have made spelling or grammar mistakes, English isn't my mother tongue.

Kind Regards


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Community Manager

Re: How about Synchro core?

Thank you for the feedback.

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