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Journeyman III

High temperatures while gaming

Hey guys, i have a problem with my ryzen 5 3500x, when i'm playing Battlefield 5 my CPU temp goes to 95°, even playing league of Legends the temp goes to 80° and i just bought the CPU last week, while i'm on Desktop using internet or a program the temp is around 45-55°, i only have one fan that came with the case and i'm using the stock fan of the CPU, also when i removed the side glass of the case while playing Battlefield the temp went down to 80°, i Hope someone can help me. Thanks!


Pc specs: 16gb RAM (2x8) corsair vengeance 3200mhz

Motherboard: gigabyte b450m ds3h

CPU: AMD ryzen 5 3500x 

GPU: Nvidia GeForce gtx 1650 gddr6 amp (zotac) 4gb

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That seems quite a lot  but you have to help us out with more info.

What case you have?
What fan do you have for the chassis? Size? Exhaust or Intake?
Do you see any dust in the fins of the CPU cooler?
Does it have thermal paste well applied when installed?

Every bit of info will help.

The Englishman

Hi! thanks for replying, my case is a SYX Blackstar ATX (the one that includes a 120mm fan) that is to exhaust the air, also it doesn't have any dust in the fins and the thermal paste is well applied.


New System build?
Wich cpu cooler/Thermal paste do you use?
Any new drivers/bios?
Overclocked.... if yes... via software or bios?
Some sensor informations would also be nice ^^


Tools for more informations  ---> 

CPU-Z - this one is for all infos round about your CPU! Easy to use

HHWinfo - this one read ALL Sensor Informations from your system!  

Ryzen 7 5800X; 5,05ghz LLC3; Corsair AiO H100x 240mm; MSI MPG X570 Gaming Plus (PPT:137W; EDC:125A; TDC:92A); BeQuiet! PP 730W; Corsair Venegance RGB Pro SL 32gb/2 3600mhz CL18 (+-1,37V); Sapphire RX6800 Pulse OC _ Asus XG27AQ (165Hz&1440p)
Adept III



How is your case? Is it well ventilated?
Is the silicone paste you used good at least 70% of the processor?
Is the CPU fan well installed? No vibration?
You can increase the CPU fan speed from bios


If you removed the computer side panel and the temperature lowered that indicate Poor Air Circulation inside your computer case.

Also Room temperature has a lot to do with how hot your processor runs. Hot room - hot running CPU.

If the processor is reaching 95C that is not good since the Maximum Operating Temperature is 95C. Which means the processor is automatically slowing down to reduce the temperature back to 95C or lower.

From what I read the AMD CPU Cooler Wraith Stealth is bundled with the Processor. The AMD Wraith Stealth is the weakest CPU Cooler so I would suggest you upgrade the CPU Cooler to a stronger one to keep your processor's temperature below 85C during very heavy loads once you fix the poor air circulation issues in your computer case.