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Journeyman III

High Ryzen 5 5600x temps with a water cooler

Hi guys. I literally just got my ryzen 5 5600x. I installed it without any problems and I instantly noticed oddly high CPU temps. I have a pretty new MSI Coreliquid 240r. Under load it hit 70C which I know might not seem too crazy but, its a watercooler and I expected much lower temps with it. The thermal paste is brand new and I'm just looking for any suggestions to help lower the cpu temps. 

This cooler was a RMA warranty replacement so it is pretty new. I had a ryzen 5 2600 and the temps were hitting 105C with same cooler so I thought the cooler was the problem. Got it replaced. When I installed the new one, it was working just fine. 40-50C under load with my Ryzen 5 2600. Thought I had plenty of headroom for a more powerful cpu so I got a 5600x. And now here we are with these temp problems again.  I am extremely confused on how my temps just change just from switching the cpu. Running stock speeds btw. 

Are these typical 5600x temps? Should I replace my cooler? Does my motherboard VRMS affect temperatures? Are there any softwares I need to download for this cpu? I have so many questions.

Plz help. 


PC specs:

Ryzen 5 5600x

gtx 1660 super

gigabyte aorus b450 pro wifi

16gb corsair vengeance pro rgb

500W psu

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These Ryzen 5xxx CPU's are really great at regulating their own temperature.

Problem is, AMD chose a temperature that a lot of users are not comfortable with (95C).

If I ran my CPU with no fan, and 2 threads of Prime95 it would go up to 95C in 2-3 seconds.

I could then continue to load 32 threads of Prime95 and it would not budge from 95C.

I suggest.

1. Go into BIOS.

2. set PBO to advanced.

3. Set PBO limits to Manual.

4. Set Throttle temp to Manual

5. Then set the Throttle temp to say 65 or 60. 

Your system will now run, keeping under the temp, with very little loss in performance.

This is much better than setting Core Performance boost - disabled or Setting PBO to disabled

Good Luck

it is normal temp..................

Adept II

That's not a water cooler. It is propylene glycol.

That said, even with the pathetic amount of fluid in that cooler, a single 240mm aluminum radiator AIO is good enough to keep a hexacore Ryzen from throttling provided you can keep air moving though it.

I would evaluate your case flow, and a generic 500W PSU is also very questionable. Ripple makes components run hot.


I decided to buy a brand new NZXT X53 cooler. Temps are now down to 60C-65C during load and gaming situations. I did noticed that my cpu jumps in temperature when I open a program. Is that normal? For example when I open up google, the cpu temp would jump from 40-52 and then back down to 40.

Do you recommend me switch from a closed front case to a mesh front? And also do bad motherboard VRM's contribute to cpu temps? My motherboard doesn't have very good VRMS. 


It is normal... stop look at temp and go gaming

Closed front...really? Just...why?

Try running a 5K with your mouth closed, that's pretty much what your cooler is trying to do with a closed front.

Journeyman III

Hi, I know I'm half a year late but, I have the exact same cpu cooler and my 5600x get around 40-50 idle and 70-75 under 100% load these temps are very normal for this cooler and are pretty good in general for a 5600x. Keep in mind im running mine in a mini itx system. My cpu fan curve is 1 degrees = 30% fan, 60 degrees = 55% fan, 80 degrees = 80% fan and 100 degrees = 100% fan, with this I don't hear my system at all with headphone on even when nothing is playing, and with headphones off its still not to loud and I'd probably forget its there.

Hope this helped!

Adept III

Another thread about "high" temperatures... And again with Gigabyte motherboard...
I'd suggest in this case to not worry at all. If you see something like 70 so to say "celsius degrees" from a CPU temperature sensors this means its actual temperature is 50-55*C or below there.
You may want to try a HWiNFO tool for more info, unlike most of another tools of this sort it has access to many sensors integrated into a CPU die(s) - some of them report more or less correct temperature values.


Sounds like the pump on your fluid cooling unit may be clogged or going out. You may also have an obstruction in the fluid pathways not allowing adequate flow rate. 

Check some videos on YouTube of how to flush out your fluid cooling system perform maintenance and check to see if your pump is working properly. If the manufacturer did not add an herbicide to the fluid then you will get a mossy/lichen like buildup and this will cause the very problems you are dealing with.

I know the first time I used fluid cooling was in 05 and made the mistake of not using the herbicide treated coolant and this very thing happened to me. Pretty much all fluid cooling systems back then you assembled yourself.  I personally don't like the all in one "maintenance free" fluid cooling units. I just stick with high TDP aftermarket air cooling its a lot less hassle and if a fan goes out on the cooler the heatsinks are so massive and effective that they usually keep your CPU temps well within acceptable levels.

I hope this advice is helpful and that your PC is running like a peach soon.

Adept II

Unless you have a cheap or old power supply your current 500watt is fine.

2nd, your CPU with a good AIO cooler should not be exceeding 60C assuming your room temp and specs are similar to mine.

I did a quick test to verify my cooling since I have a similar setup to you.

My room is currently 22.8c. I ran Prime95 and my CPU went from a stable 37.5c slowly up to 57c (no sudden jumps in temp like you said) in about 30-40 seconds with one spike that I saw to 60.5c for maybe a second.  I stopped the test after 4 minutes after I noticed it was not exceeding 56-57c.  I provided a screen showing of my temperature with power usage after 4 minutes of Prime95 torture test.


When you are setting up your AIO coolers w/ your CPU make sure you are using good thermal paste like ARCTIC MX-4 or Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut not what comes w/ your cooler.

My cooler in case you were wondering - Cooler Master MasterLiquid ML240L RGB V.  This is VERY quiet and well-priced - my opinion. If you have any questions reach out to me.


  • MOBO: Asrock TaiChi B550
  • CPU: AMD 5600x
  • GPU: AMD Sapphire Pulse RX 5700
  • RAM: ADATA 3600MHz CL18-20-20 - AX4U360038G18A-DT60 - 4x8 
  • Storage - Boot WD NVME  500GB SN750 (other Drives - WD NVME  SM750 2 TB, Samsung SSD 2TB 860 EVO)
  • Power: eVGA 750 watt Platium with a CyberPower 850 watt UPS
  • CASE: Thermaltake Core P3 Black

I have the same cooler with a 5800x and under load I think i may top at 60 deg. Id say contact MSI for RMA. It cant hurt, perhaps coil is damaged. Then again it could depend on how much if any you overclocked.