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Adept I

High Idle temps with Ryzen 3600

Hi all,

iv recently put together a new setup having moved over from an Intel 8600k.

My system is made up of :

Ryzen 3600

MSI B450 Tomahawk Motherboard (Latest bios)

Powercolor 5700xt

M.2 Drive 970 Evo (500gb)

2x SATA Hard drives.

I have most up-to-date motherboard drivers and I am using the Ryzen 3600 balanced power plan.

The problem iv been experiencing is high temperatures during idling, the processor often fluctuates between 40c and 55c during idle. The cooler I have is an NZXT Kraken X42, which is an all in one liquid cooler with a 140mm radiator and fan setup. I often hear the fan ramping up and down even though i'm only web browsing.The ambient temperature in the room is 18c, lastly my Intel never went above 30c at idle.

I have looked at hardware unboxed review of the 3600 and he states the processor with the stock cooler idles at 30c and he lives in Australia!.

Some photographs of temperatures below.