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Journeyman III

High EDC (CPU) Ryzen 2700x

Hello friends.
I have a question regarding my brand new ryzen 2700x. In the app ryzen master show that my EDC (CPU) is always around 90% to 100% on idle and and doing regular tasks. I have ryzen power plan enabled and decided to chose the balanced power plan but the problem still persisted. I have my BIOS up to date with latest chipset drivers installed.

I also turned off Precision Boost Override and Core performance boost but the EDC (CPU) was still 90%
I reinstalled windows twice with fresh new drivers but still have high EDC (CPU) no matter what power plan I chose.
Except for energy saver but that leaves all 8 cores at 2.7ghz.Ry

Is there something wrong with my components?
Does high EDC (CPU) percentage cause any harm to the processor?

Thank you so much for taking your time in reading this post and helping me out.

Ryzen 2700x
Asus Pro prime x470
32GB 2400Mhz ballistix sport
EVGA 1080TI FTW3 (11GB)

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