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Journeyman III

High CPU EDC and CPU Temps

I am very new to pc building. I have just built my first pc today and I have already encountered a problem. The temperatures are [45-55 MSI Afterburner] [50-66 AMD Ryzen Master] And the CPU cooler is going up and down constantly, It spins faster for like 2 seconds then it comes back down, then again 2 seconds and down. Idk what's the problem. I just downloaded the ryzen master software and I saw this. Can anyone tell me what does it mean/is it bad and how to fix it.  I tried enabling the Ryzen Power plan but it doesn't show up for me even though I have the latest windows version .

EDIT: all temps are idle btw, I have chrome opened with like 10 tabs. 

Specs: RTX Evga FTW3 2080 
Gskill 32gb 3200 mhz 
Ryzen 7 2700x 

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