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Journeyman III

High core voltage oscilaation in idle on new PC - BSOD and black screens

Brand new build PC. I am getting a lot of blue screens and black screens.


AMD Ryzen 7 2700X

GPU Galax Geforce GTX 1660 6GB

Motherboard Asus b450

Memory Fury HyperX 2400Mhz

Power: Thermaltake SMART 600W

SSD Samsung EVO 120GB - with Windows

HS ST 1500GB

Windows 10 Updated V. 1909

BIOS updated V 2006

Chipset updated from AMD website

GPU with updated drivers

From the beginning the PC didn't work properly. Many BSOD and black screens. It even froze during the BIOS display.
My question is whether everything is ok with the processor and the motherboard. Or if the problem is on the old hard drive (which is empty) or Windows. Or maybe something together?

CrystalDiskInfo shows both healthy hard drives but I couldn't finish the HD scan on the TunePRo hard drive. With 97% completed, however, I couldn't find a bad block.
The HDD Regenerator program shows these logs:
Power-On Hours (POH)
The number of hours (minutes, seconds - depending on the manufacturer) spent in the on state. As a threshold value for it, the passport MTBF (MTBF - mean time between failure) is selected.
190 Airflow Temperature (WDC)
Air temperature inside the hard drive enclosure. For Seagate discs, it is calculated using the formula (100 - HDA temperature). For Western Digital discs - (125-HDA).
194 HDA temperature
Here are the readings of the built-in temperature sensor for the mechanical part of the disk - banks (HDA - Hard Disk Assembly). Information is taken from the built-in temperature sensor, which is one of the magnetic heads, usually the bottom in the bank. The attribute's bit fields contain the current, minimum, and maximum temperatures. Not all programs working with SMART correctly parse these fields, so their testimony should be treated critically.

I don't believe it's a problem on the HD or the SSD.

I face slowness while surfing the internet, even with the characters when writing this post taking time to appear.

Video with core voltage and core speed oscilatting

Core voltage and core speed - YouTube 

Video AMD Ryzen Master

Amd ryzen master - YouTube 

Oscillating VDDCR BIOS

Oscillating VDDCR - YouTube 

Freeze Screen BIOS 

Freeze screen bios 1 - YouTube 

Attached the log from HOT CPU Tester

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