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Journeyman III

Hi, my problem is i read this Spectre update can slow the comp. and etc. is it true?

Hi, In the last 2-3 week i see my comp is so much slower if until now was on 100% then now only just 50-60% and random restarts, isn't write out any problem just restarting, sometimes when im just watch the desktop so the cpu isn't working hard or anything like this, just restarting, It was fresh windows reinstall after a full clear so it can't be virus, so i think this will be the spectre update, is it possible to uninstall or something because i dont want to buy a new processor . I have AMD fx(tm) 8320 with 8gb kingston fury memory, the system is work from kingston ssd card, this slowing is very very flustrating. Thanks your response. Bye

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This may not be as much to do with how updates are affecting you as maybe some piece of software is now using more cpu cycles. The performance decrease mostly affects Intel CPU's not AMD, very little impact on AMD and typically not for average desktop usage and gaming.  Look at your task manager and see what process are using the most cpu%. Make sure something isn't using more cpu than it used to. I switched back to Windows Defender (this comes with Windows 10) from the anti virus product I was using and now feel has become too bloated, and it dropped my cpu usage by about 15%. I also found that the way Windows 10 manages cores it seems to hinder performance compared to Windows 7. I found Park Control Free which has given me another 10-15% boost in cpu, more importantly it really smoothed out game play. ParkControl Free – Tweak CPU Core Parking w/o Reboots

It's easy and free to try these things to see if they help. I am like you trying to squeeze another year+ out of my am3 setup!


There are no Spectre updates except the one published by Microsoft.

Adept I

Meltdown and Spectre is a general hardware bugs and all these updates is software so there is nothing u can do because bugs infect  everything has a prossecor even and an ''electronic pan''.Intel have problem with both bugs but AMD only Spectre.I think this will be helpful for you.