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Journeyman III

Hi! I'm brazilien, sorry for my english, my pc not is working with Ryzen 5 3400G and ASUS AM4 Prime B450M-Gaming/BR, please, the computer is crashing, maybe the problem can be configuration?

The computer is crashing

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Adept III

Update bios to latest, fresh reinstall windows, check for RAM config by clearing CMOS


OK, thanks!! Update bios is ok, fresh reinstall windows is ok too, going to check for RAM....


First what are the Errors you are getting specifically? BSOD or Freezing, etc?

Make sure as stated in a previous reply to set your BIOS to "Default" either thru BIOS itself or doing a CMOS CLEAR on the motherboard. This will eliminate any BIOS setting that you may have made that may be causing the problems.

Also if your RAM Memory is not fully compatible it can cause many BSODs or crashes or if it is defective.

First you can run MEMTEST86 to verify your RAM is good and not defective. After running 2-3 tests you should get Zero errors. 

Then look up your RAM from ASUS QVL RAM MEMORY list for 3rd Generation CPU and see if your RAM is listed as be compatible.

If it isn't listed is because of two possibilities:

1- The RAM Memory was tested by ASUS and found not to be compatible

2- ASUS never tested that specific RAM MEMORY thus it was not listed.

Also monitor your Temperatures and make sure it isn't a Overheating CPU or GPU causing the problem.

What PSU do you have installed (wattage and Make & Model) and what GPU Card, if any do you have installed besides the Integrated Graphics from the CPU?

NOTE: I couldn't find ASUS Support from ASUS Brazilian website for your motherboard, so I got the QVL List from ASUS  Prime B450M-A list which I have attached to this post for you to download and check your RAM Memory against the list: