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Adept I

HELP! Ryzen is unstable ;(


my specs:

-Gigabyte Auros X570 PRO rev 1.0 (f33 bios ver)

-Rtx 2080ti

-Ryzen 9 3950x 

-32GB ram

-BeQuiet Psu 750W

so recently my Pc randomly rebooted. I bought alot components second hand but they worked with no problems for month. I didn’t intentionally oc nor do i think anythin was tampered with. Anyway, after using it for month with no issues sometimes the PC would randomly reboot. I could be playing games on ultra, render scenes but sometimes it would reboot (no BSOD) while doing something mundane as watching Youtube. So i ignored it as it wasn’t frequent until it started to happen once per session, (sometimes even after a day or so).

I then looked at solutions. I replaced my psu, as people suggested it may have been a power error. I updated bios, installed newest chipset but it didnt work.Then I downloaded a software called OCCT. I stress tested the cpu and gpu and the tests worked fine. HOWEVER, when i test the power the PC would reboot within a minute. Eventually i downloaded ryzen master and set the profile to manual, and it was a frequency of 3500 and voltage of 1.4 and voila, the power test works! The pc doesnt reboot! Then i tested with a frequency of 4000 and Voltage of 1,35 and it also was stable enough to run the tests. However ryzen master doesnt safe the result and i have reset bios by removing the battery and all and it still doesnt work (after rebooting, ryzen masters settings are gone again), which leads me to believe the bios are set up wrong


Now I havent really done anything in my bios, although on feedback from people i tried disabling pbo, cpb which also didnt work. I have no experience playing around with voltages and max frequencies. I am not sure how to set it up but as mentioned, I believe its to do with that. How could i apply a fix permanently in bios that will run stable? I dont want the cpu to get 1,4 v constantly and not run on max frequency either (4,700) as it gets hot and unnecessary. Without edits, the cpu is usually around 50-60c, with auto oc or manual in ryzen master, it goes down to 40 ish.

Can someone please help me what are the buttons to push to make it stable again?

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Adept I



what cooling? random reboot is weird... installation of hardware issue likely.....