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Journeyman III

Help! My ryzen 1600 is idling at 95 degrees celcius

As the picture shows, My CPU's idle temperature is being read at 95 degrees. When I run fortnite everything is fine, I cap out at 240 fps with no problem. When I run a more intense game such as Overwatch, my computer will shutoff. No blue screen, or warning. Just shuts off. I imagine it is hitting dangerous temps and shutting itself down. Thermal paste came pre-applied, however I think my next course of action is to get some thermal paste from my local best buy and reapply it to the CPU fan.

If anyone else has any idea's on how to remedy this problem I would really appreciate your input. I am worried running games at such high temps could be causing permanent damage to my CPU.

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No it's not actually idling at 95*C, if it were the heatsink would be scorching hot to the touch, and you'd have BSODs and lockups long before any gaming could take place. Assuming the heatsink is installed correctly, the CPU bracket is installed correctly from the factory, and the heatsink indeed isn't flesh melting hot, it's a faulty sensor. Does AIDA64 show the same temps for the CPU and CPU diode?