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Adept I

Help me Mr. Spock. athlon x4 845 freezing screen resetting computer( find me a logical answer)

I installed x4 845 cpu. and installed windows 10. Now the computer is freezing and resetting( non responsive mouse behaviour. )

previously on my system I had a4  6300 apu . In that times there is no problem with my computer. I tried  to install x4 845 with different cooler and got same problem. finally   I return back to my old cpu(a4 6300). Mem test 86 gives no error with my ram(12 gb ram). My gpu quadro p600.

psu 400w

motherboard asus a68hm-k

cpu Athlon x4 845

ram 4gb + 8gb (hi level)

that is my system.

I tried to install with only one ram but same problem arised again. for god's sake, someone please help me.

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Did you update the motherboard BIOS before you changed the processors?

You need BIOS version 1401 or higher for the Athlon processor.

If you do have the correct BIOS installed, did you clear the CMOS when you switched the processors?

yes I updated the bios. I didn't clear the cmos.
Can it be a windows problem? win 10 have some problems with amd. My windows is build 1803.


This is the latest Quadro P600 Nvidia Graphics Driver from Nvidia Support : NVIDIA DRIVERS Quadro Desktop/Quadro Notebook Driver Release 390 WHQL .

Update the Graphics driver and see if it helps any.

I would also install, if you haven't yet, the last AMD CHIPSET from Asus Support: A68HM-K Driver & Tools | Motherboards | ASUS USA


Version GBytes

AMD Chipset Driver
AMD Chipset driver version 17.10.2001) support win10 64bit

Adept I

I cleaned cmos. The same problem occured again. I installed only 4gb ram and successfully installed win 10. As soon as I installed second ram same problem occured. I searched on internet and set my ddr3 rams voltage to 1.65 than problem vanished. now everything is ok swimmingly well. Thank you for your help.