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Journeyman III

Help configuring 2790wt threadripper for minecraft with Ryzen Master

Hey yall. I have a pc with the following specs:

2790wt Threadripper
5700xt RedDevil GPU
32gb Fury Hyper X ddr4 memory
Asus Prime X399A mobo
1tb SSD

When I run Minecraft, even without shaders it just doesnt run smoothly.  Once an area is loaded it is ok, but running through a forest is presenting some issues.  I am a content creator and I also run BSL shaders.  So I usually play MC with OBS recording at 1080p60fps saving to the SSD.

Issue:  MC is a single core CPU heavy game.  It basically cannot use the threadripper the way it was intended.  I have already used Ryzen Master to put it into game mode and reduce the 24cores to 6cores. 

I need someone's help building a Custom Ryzen Master core/power/speed profile to get the best performance possible with this processor while doing the above listed activities.  

MC barely uses the GPU at all by design so almost everything is done through the CPU. 

Pic shows what it looks like, but its not raytracing

Thanks! zc1t.jpg

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Some things I did to boost my 2990WX gaming performance,  got faster memory. Since ZEN+ Ryzen is burdened by it's infinity fabric being tied to DRAM (Unlike ZEN2) this mean ZEN+ will only get good performance with fast memory. 

So I went from 64GB of CL16 DDR4 3000 Patriot Viper4 which are 4 dual rank DIMMs in a Quad Channel configuration to CL16 DDR4-3200 Hyper-X Predator Quad configuration, at first I managed to tighten the timings down to CL14 at DDR4 3200.  But right now playing with memory overclock in the other direction and have push the OC on these DIMMs to run at CL16 DDR4 3466 .

What is your memory configuration you are using? 

How many DIMMs is that you have that total 32GB.  I hope that's 4 dims of 8GB so you have a Quad Channel configuration and not Dual Channel as Quad provides better bandwidth.

What is your DDR4 speed at?

Some additional features to get your Ryzen Threadripper to boost is the Precision Boost Overdrive Scaler.  With a 360mm AIO rad I have mine currently set to PBO Manual Scaler 4X.

I also switched from Windows 10 to Windows 11, as the scheduler in Windows 11 actually supports the NUMA layout of the WX Threadripper 2 CPUs .