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Journeyman III


A few weeks ago I built my first PC (parts list: The build went great, BIOS updated, booted beautifully, no issues in setup, but about 30 minutes into playing Witcher 3 on day 1 it blue screened with the error code “WHEA_UNCORRECTABLE_ERROR”. It booted back up immediately- it was only on the blue screen for about 30 seconds.


I’ve been able to re-create the error only through more intense gaming (Witcher 3 and Cyberpunk). It happens after 30-90 minutes of gaming. During Cyberpunk it blue screened, then popped up a “CPU is overheating” window,” then blue screened again. If I try to play again immediately after it starts up it’ll blue screen in 5-20 minutes.


What I’ve tried:

  1. Used OpenHardwareMonitor to log the stats up to a crash. Everything looks within normal limits when the crash occurs. CPU temp ranges 40-80C.
  2. Re-seated all the hardware to check connections
  3. Confirmed drivers and OS are fully up to date
  4. Ran 3DMark (free version) test, no errors.
  5. Ran Prime95 stress test for 20 hours, no errors
  6. Ran MemTest86 test for 4 passes, no errors


Any ideas on what the issue is, fixes, or more troubleshooting I can do to locate the problem?


Thank you!!


(Cross posted...a lot of places. I’m a little desperate.)

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Journeyman III


I’ve had the same issue today new build 5800x on asus rog strix x570-e when playing Valheim every 30 to 40 mins crash bsod. So far removed all overclocks just running with stock settings. Turned SAM off. Updated chipset and other drivers also uninstalled msi afterburner and going to uninstall ryzen master next and then ran a different game for an hour with no crashes. Going to do more testing tomorrow as really don’t want to rma as it’s passed all other tests against memory and timespy furmark and cinebench so seemed stable except the reboots

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