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Journeyman III

Heat issues R5 3600X

So I sprung for a R5 3600X 10days ago to replace my 6 core Intel 8600k based off reviews on youtube (I watched a ton of them). Plus I figured SMT would help with productivity programs such as Maya, Fusion 360 and AutoCAD 

All I can come up with is the reviewers got cherry picked cpus for their reviews. I can not get a favorable experience with this setup at all and I am hoping someone has some insight and helpful suggestions before I send it all back. I am on my second cpu and second MB. I originally had this all on a B450 Tomahawk with near same results. So, two different boards, two different cpus, both similar in issues.

I have a Gigabyte B450 Aorus Elite with bios F41 currently.

The first thing I noticed after installing Windows v1903 is I can not get the advertised boost clocks, not even close and high temps. I get 4.1 GHz max and even that is just for a brief time and temps are way over 85°C while running a game like SC2. So I did some research on here and other forums and set my power profile to Ryzen Balanced. The issue persists.

After further reading people recommend a -.1v offset, I tried that as well, still no luck, It did drop my temps down to mid to high 70s but the clocks are all over the place between 2200MHz and 4100 MHz, while gaming and running programs mentioned above. Heat output is very noticeable, even after setting multiple fan curves. The system is housed in a Phanteks P350X case with 2 Noctua 140s in front and a 120 in the rear for positive airflow, a Seasonic FOCUS 650 Gold PSU, Gsklll 16GB 3200C16 Memory, basically all I did was remove my Intel board and install this Ryzen setup and the temp differences are night and day.

I set everything back to defaults, set my fan curve on default "normal" and the fans scream when doing anything  and clocks again all over the place.

My cooler originally was the box cooler, I since purchased a Noctua NH-U12S AM4 cpu cooler and while it is better, this pc sounds like a jet unless I set the fan curve so that it is not loud which then increases temps even higher. I have re-seated the cpu cooler multiple times and even reinstalled the box cooler, with identical results. Now it is currently on the Noctua cooler.

There is no overclocking and I have tried with PBO both enabled and disabled. I am hoping someone can shed some light on this. I should not have to go through 2 weeks of tinkering to get a new PC up and running correctly.

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Journeyman III

Re: Heat issues R5 3600X

Did you even read my thread? This link you posted is of no use. My issues were not with any 3rd party software monitoring tools or Destiny 2!

It does not matter though, the entire setup was sent back to Amazon. I am back on a Intel setup with no issues out of the box.

I gave up. There is a reason gamers use Intel.