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Journeyman III

HDD lost after wake up from sleeping

Hello there!! It is my first time to use an AMD platform and I am impressed by its high performance while comparing with Intel platform with similar price. However, there is something wrong with my PC. When I wake up my PC from sleeping mode, my 10T HDD will disappear. And these are my disk management site before and after its sleeping mode:

disk display1.png

disk display2.png

As you can see, the disk 2, or the 10T HDD disappears. I have asked some of my friends about this problem, and they said it is the common side effect for an AMD platform after wake it up. Also, I have asked Microsoft about it, their engineer said maybe my HDD have some problems. I have no idea about how to solve it. My system information is attached below. I am fully appreciate for any assistance.

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This sounds more like a Windows issue than an AMD issue. 

But to eliminate HDD hardware failure download Seagate's SEATOOLS for Windows or Toshiba's HDD's own diagnostic program and run their tests and see if it passes.

Also you can run CHKDSK /r/x to check your HDD disk for bad sectors.

If those HDD Diagnostic passes then I see that you have Asus AI Suite III installed. Disable or uninstall AI Suite III temporarily and see if your HDD disappears after sleep again.

I notice that you are running Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC 64-bit (10.0, Build 17763) (17763.rs5_release.180914-1434). That could be part of the problem since you are not using the latest version of Windows 10 with the latest Windows 10 updates. Possible Asus AI Suite III may not be completely compatible with that Windows OS version.

I read that Samsung Magician was the cause of this happening in a MS Forum thread: Secondary Hard Drive Disappears After Wake From Sleep Since - Microsoft Community 

Also this Ten Forums has some good suggestions on how to prevent your HDD from disappearing after sleep: 


First of all, I have to appreciate for your assistance. Yesterday I have use SeaTools and HDTUNE to diagnostic my Toshiba HDD, and those results show that my Hard disk has no problem. Therefore I thought the problem maybe occured by SATA cable or SATA power cable. I changed SATA cable from SATA 6 to SATA 4 and changed its power cable and then tried to sleep my PC again, I woke it up shortly, my HDD disk won't disappear!! This tricky problem maybe solved until now, and tonight I will try to keep my PC sleeping for a long time, and I hope the problem will be solved entirely. 

Journeyman III

This Fixed for me , use the command prompt method , after that Try setting the AHCI Link Power Management to HIPM+DIPM under Advanced Settings for Power Options