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Journeyman III

Have a problem when i enable 4g decoding in bios

I want to open SAM then i go to bios and enable it (4g decoding) save and restart then my PC cant start and got red light on my mainbord (VGA) 


cpu : r5 5600x

vga : rx 6600xt

mb : b550 biostar

help how to fix it

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Journeyman III

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Journeyman III

Clear CMOS

Not applicable

clear CMOS by unplug from power for a bit, search the BATTERY on mainboard take it out for a bit. Short some jumper pins on the board referring to board manual for CLR CMOS

then LOAD BIOS DEFAULTS. you must first to enable above 4G decoding go to CSM COMPATABILITY in BOOT OPTIONS and DISABLE you might also want to enable fast boot later and use a UEFI shortcut you can find out how to make or download online to reboot into bios from windows you can find them on mainboard vendors website.. or HOLD RIGHT SHIFT KEY down when clicking restart /shutdown in windows button from the start menu and then when it reboots into recovery choose the UEFI option from the menus. You should then also reboot and ENABLE TPM 2.0/secureboot and set PCIexpress gen 5 or 4 whatever you got and maybe game or benchmarks.. then reboot and set auto PCIexpress see if its better. Then you enable Resizable bar and above 4G encoding in bios. I dont know how to tell you this, but SAM is a windows/apps feature rather. you will also want to enable smartaccessvideo smartaccessmemory smartaccessstorage smartaccess .. i forgot them all but theres a few. you need download and install the large 600MB something AMD adrenaline drivers and the chipset drivers.. and manually install each of the chipset IO drivers where it unpacks into C:\ running all the EXE's like 3dvcache (even if u dont have a x3dcpu) the ryzen balanced power plan and the USB 4 install everything even you dont know what it is.  

You can make a config.ini named text file and fill it with things like SAM3DNOW3DVCACHE and other words or type them in full also.. SIMD is a massively important one too.

SMART ACCESS MEMORY.. sorta makes a drive tiering STOREMI (see ryzen mainboards and AMD drivers download section) like uhh small bit of memory thats a shared pool.. its actually a playstation 3 hardware technology.. that im assuming google docs and the edge browsers 'microsoft one note' stuff where you scribble and note take on the same project shared document like uhh proposals or database but of a text file.. except instead of teams of people accessing a project file, its different uhh programs/apps/drivers and uhh lets say software 'classes' or include files or libraries or DLL's hooking into a kinda cache or PAGE FILE. which game developers are enabling to shortcut save long distance trips to further away hardware for frequently accessed files.. its that playstation 3 shared memory pool stuff that intels been pretendings called OPTANE.. but im pretty sure its just a spyware malware. but since thats more direct and has more access and was meant to speed up the system originally.. its been disabled and is replaced with a sort of uhh google groups/docs text file. 

So you need to toggle it on in display drivers or memory in windows/apps to let the OS/driver know its there. sadly it probably wont work at the hardware level anymore.. barely any actual ps3 hardware exists anymore once intel and nvidia **bleep**s tried to have their butt holes swallow it entirely to sell more fake hardware.