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Adept I

GSKILL Ripjaws V DDR4-3600MHz 128GB unstable with Ryzen 3950x at 1.1V SoC

I've got GSKILL Ripjaws V DDR4-3600MHz 128GB and I can't run them stable at 3600MHz with 1.1V SoC and 1.35V RAM. It's not stable even at SPD Speed (2666MHz) with 1.1V SoC and 1.2V.

It's only stable at 2666MHz with 1.15V SoC.

Now I'm tempted to try 3600MHz with 1.2V SoC, but I don't know if I trust this mobo (ASUS PRIME X570-PRO
) that much.

Is 1.2V SoC safe long term (24/7 uptime)?

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Adept I

I've tried 1.2V SoC, and it still had memory errors. However, I pulled the DIMMs out to test them on a Intel system (and it worked with XMP profile), and ever since I put them back in the AMD system, there are no errors anymore, even at 3600MHz with 1.1V SoC (Uptime: 4 days 23:22:53).

I think I swapped the DIMMs in the process and they pair better now. This is so sensitive.

Is this a common problem for AMD memory controller? Should I RMA CPU?

I bought the CPU resealed and tested by the merchant for a "better" deal. I shouldn't have done this ... Now I'm worried that if I RMA, I'll get an even worse resealed one. Ughhh!