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Adept I

Gigabyte GA-990FXA-UD3 (rev. 4.0) and an FX-9590 always freezes up

Hey guys,

I have a Gigabyte GA-990FXA-UD3 (rev. 4.0) and an FX-9590 and it always freezes up on me I have replaced everything at least once. I have been told that there is a was to stop freezing and know a couple steps. But I need to know what else to disable in BIos to make the FX-9590 stop freezing. I have turned off cool and quiet and disbaled turbo.  What else do I need to disable to stop the freezing. It has been 3 years of constant freezing. I have excellent cooler and latest BIOs ect. I even purchased a 2nd mobo of same model as I thought maybe it was faulty. CPU has been replaced twich and the Liquid cooler also replaced as was thermal paste. Replaced PSU and even memory was changed. 

CPU is not getting to hot so I ruled that out and put in better fans.

Any Help would be great.

Thanks Fred

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Need more information on your computer setup.

What is the Make & Model of your CPU Cooler and PSU installed and Windows version installed.

What are the Error Messages you are getting when it freezes?

Have you tried Stress testing the CPU to see if it freezes?

The FX 9590 is a very high wattage CPUs and requires a 250 Watt CPU Cooler. The Maximum Operating Temperature of your FX9590 is 57C and the CPU TDP Wattage is 220 Watts.

If your CPU Temps are going above 57C that is probably the reason why it is freezing. This CPU, in my opinion, requires a High Quality Liquid CPU Cooler to maintain the CPU Maximum temps below 57C under heavy loads.

Also if your PSU is underpowered it also can cause freezes when the CPU or GPU are under heavy loads. I would recommend using OCCT PSU Test to test your PSU. OCCT Runs both the CPU and GPU Stress Test at the same time to put maximum stress on the PSU. See if it freezes during the PSU Test.

Adept I

Hello Elstaci,

Thanks for the fast reply to my issue.

My make and model of cooler is Swiftech H220-X.

The Computer is running Windows 8.1 64 bit at this time.

PSU is a Corsair HX1000I  1000w PSU

CPU Temps are not high even while playing heavy load games.

I get roughly between 30C and 52C never near the max 70c+

I will get that program and run the test.




Your PSU has plenty of power for your computer unless you are using two GPU cards and not one.

The CPU Temps are within the CPU Max Operating Temperature of 57C. Also your CPU Cooler is a good liquid CPU Cooler.

The only probably I see is that you are running Windows 8.1 which is not supported by AMD anymore with any type of Driver Updates.

Okay, run the all three OCCT Stress test- CPU,GPU & PSU, I have a feeling it will pass. The freezing could be related to a incompatible driver or software you have installed or possibly a corrupt Windows installation or faulty RAM Memory.

Run DIAGDX and post the DiagDX log file. It may indicate what files are having problems which may be causing the freezing.

Also run in a elevated Command Prompt SFC /scannow. This will check your Windows for corruption and repair it.

Also run MEMTEST86 to check your RAM Memory to eliminate bad Ram on your computer.

To eliminate any 3rd party software causing the freezes, power up to a "Clean Windows Desktop". Here is how to do that: 

Let me know what the stress test shows. When you run the latest OCCT software, at the top where the "wrench" icon is, set the Global Temperature to 60 so that the CPU Test will stop if the CPU Temperature reaches 60C. If you run the GPU Test, check mark the box to ignore GPU temperature. Got this information from OCCT authors after I purchased their perpetual license. The Free version is identical but doesn't show a log file of the results of the tests.

Lot of tests to run and lot of information. but it will, hopefully, eliminate any hardware or software issues.