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Journeyman III

Getting the support runaround for a boot kit request

I bought an Asus TUF B350M motherboard and a 2400g CPU, obviously the bios needs an update to be compatible.  Right now it boots to a black screen.

I opened a ticket on Saturday for a boot kit request and I'm still getting the runaround from AMD support about going to Asus to get them to tell me that I'm up a creek without a paddle before AMD will do anything about it.

This is frustrating, I just want the PC to work. I bought it reading that AMD would be supporting their product but it's really starting to feel like that's not the case.

2 Replies

Yes, AMD first requires you to prove you need a boot kit, and you do that by proving your motherboard cannot be updated to the required BIOS via USB, and that the manufacturer or retailer will not update it for you.


I don't know where you've bought your motherboard, but if it's a "small" dealer ( store) , they can flash it for you. That's what I did.  They call it doing a quickmount.

The mobo arrived already flashed.