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Journeyman III

Gaming with TR 2990WX.

Hi, I am now trying to game with my 2990WX and Vega 64 CF. The gaming experience is still good, except FPS drop significantly while in deep depth of field (vsync on, decrease from 60 to 40. Ensure that it is not related to CF as the result is the same even the CF is disabled) .

I try to improve it by overclocking with Ryzen master, increase the TDD, TDC and EDO to the maximum level (740,480, 650 accordingly). The result is less FPS drop (from 40 to 53fps) but high vcore, 1.35-1.4v. Would you please advice if 1.35-1.4 is too high for the 2990WX? Should I sell it and change to 2950X?

Here is my spec

ASRock X399 professional gaming

Gskill Trident Z RGB 3200 CL14 8G x 4 (B die)

Asus ROG Strix Vega 64 x2

Corsair AX1600 PSU

Samsung SM961 m.2 256

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Big Boss

sterry999, I'm am not a OCer but have been investigating a performance problem on the 2990WX.  Please see this thread and consider a similar treatment for your situation.  Watch the video from Level1Techs and try disabling Core 0.  Please post what you learn.  Enjoy, John.

Adept II

I have had a 1800x , a 1300x and now a 2700x - With a Azrock 370 fatality board.

I also bought 2 Vega 64s when they first came (no CF support ) out sold them but now have a pair of 56s

What I have come to the conclusion is  save yourself a lot of frustrations and just let AMD do the overclocking.

Crossfire is going to drive you a little crazy with VEGA s but   hey

PS 2 Vega 56 crossfire  with a little memory bump runs as fast as Nvidia new 2000Ti whatever card in Time Spy Extreme.


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Understanding Precision Boost Overdrive in Three Easy Steps

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Adept I

I don't have experienced this game. I played other shooter games on my own consoles.