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Journeyman III

Games freezing, suspect my cpu might be overheating

Hi guys, Dont know if anyone can help me. I have upgraded my system about a month ago and have been having an issue with my processor overheating. I am using a Noctua dh15 cooler with 1 fan, the coolant i am using is the arctic mx-4. my pc sits at about 40-50 while idle but when i start playing games like cod for a few hours my pc starts to get extremely hot to the point where my games start to freeze for a few seconds. I have tested with the wraith cooler and the same issue happens... the temps did drop when i changed from the wraith to the noctua but it still is an issue? i havent done any OC, everything is standard besides from having xmp on in bios settings.

I am really not sure what else to do.. my case is the corsair 4000d with 6x corsair ll120 fans the 3 in front pulling air in and the top and back out. my pc is not on the ground, its on my table with enough room on either side for air flow. my other pc parts are an rtx 3060, on a gigabyte x570 gaming x mobo, and a crucial 1tb m.2. 16gb corsair vengeance 3600.

Any advice will be appreciated, i don't know what my options are going to be but would like to stay away from water cooling if possible because i have never used it.

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My idle temps with Mugen 5 + mx-4:



I think you mounted your cooler wrongly.

Lastly for your PC cooling not only CPU cooler matter but exhaust cooler also and quantity of heat generated by GPU.

Check thermal paste mark at heatsink it need to be look like:









you cant really go wrong with a noctua mounting since its really easy to do.. the Screws line up perfectly with the back plate and i tighten them bit by bit evenly so that the heatsink and backplate line up properly.. I have done this a few times to make sure that it is mounted properly and checked temps every time, same issue. The heat paste spreads properly and evenly


Remove one side panel from your computer case and see if temperatures are lower then with it on.

If they are it does indicate poor air circulation.

What happens if you put a small floor fan aimed at the inside of your computer case?  Are the temps much lower or about the same?

If you have the Computer case for month or more I would check the computer case filters. They may be clogged and not allowing air to enter or exit properly.

If your processor's temperature reaches 95c or above then IT IS overheating. But if temperatures maintains below 95c then it is running at its engineered temperature range up to 95c.

Your processor's TDP rating is 65 Watts so the Noctua you have should be strong enough to prevent the processor's temperature from getting anywhere close to 95c. 

So either the Noctua is not installed correctly or is defective or you have poor air circulation inside the computer case.

I would also try to add  a second fan to the Noctua CPU Cooler in a Push-Pull configuration. It will help circulate air inside your computer case beside making your processor run slightly cooler.

NOTE: What is the hottest processor temperature you average under heavy loads or stress?  If it is at or below 85c than your CPU Cooler is doing a very good job. If it reaches 95c than you need to find out why?