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Journeyman III

Fx6300 Warranty

Hello, I have my fx6300 which does not work anymore for a few days, I overclocked it only two times over a period of 60 minutes in order to test my pure rock. I turned off the turbo and switched to 4.3ghz. Since then I have only underclock the cpu to 3.0ghz and sometimes go down to 2.0ghz (with undervolt to 1.05A). There are 3 days, I put it to 2ghz via bios but I wanted to activate the turbo amd to 2.9ghz to leave the processor permanently as it would be. I put the turbo max at 2.9ghz but not set the normal turbo frequency, at reboot, the cpu no longer worked, i reset the bios by removing the battery, removing the RAM but nothing. Also, the fan screws were forced out for larger screws because I use pure rock for my cpu and I put the cpu default fan on a gpu that had no fan. When I saw the fan again, I realized that it was missing a screw.

It's only 1 month that I bought my cpu, I have all the savings of the family in my computer and we no longer have any money at all in case the guarantee is no longer valid, this computer would have a minimum duration of 5 years and that is why I wanted to underclock because I preferred to make the cpu last as long as possible and now the cpu loops in the vacuum according to the technician. After a bios reinitialisation, nothing was changed.

My mother does not have any money to make repair or buy a new cpu, she is really in panic and I too because it is she who paid everything with her 2 years of economys, we work hard to live and the purchase of my computer was a Little reward and so it is a big disappointment what happens to us. Here is, I wanted to know if I have chances that the warranty is still valid (fan damaged at the level of the screws, it is missing a screw and for the cpu, I oc once and then uc thereafter ' It is blocked because of my setting in the bios) because it does not seem to be a hardware failure but it is due to my fault.

I look forward to answers, thanks in advance. Cédric.

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Re: Fx6300 Warranty covered ?

The first 90 days of coverage comes from the retailer.

Journeyman III

Re: Fx6300 Warranty

Thanx, but i don't know because they have sended it to a verification service to know if it is covered by the warranty but i have to wait 2 month to have a response. Sorry for my bad english i'm fr.

So, by amd,  just want to know if it is covered ? Normally, by cmos, the problem should be fixed but that changed nothing and i've just underclock the turbo mode.

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