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FX 9590 Overheating

a few months ago I upgraded my processor to a AMD FX(tm)-9590 Eight Core Processor its been constantly overheating causing my computer to freeze before switching off. even when I have a water cooler!

I thought this problem was fixed when I turned off the overclocking but its started happening again, even when doing something as trivial as sitting on the Battlefront II Menu Screen, or even just playing Portal 2

Anyone got any ideas?

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Adept I

TDP on that CPU is 220W.  The electrical space heaters in a Total electric house are 250W. That CPU is like a blowtorch. You need a heavy duty coolaer AND heavy duty fans.

thankyou, i will try that

Adept II

I had a problem such as yours with my 8350 last year. It was overheating and shutting down. At the time I was running a Corsair H110i liquid cooler. The problem centered on a bad pump in the H110i. I put the stock cooler on the CPU and that solved the problem and sent the H110i back to Corsair for warranty replacement. They upgraded it to a H-115i and I haven't had an overheating problem since removing the defective H-110i.