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Adept I

FX-9590 How to Downclock?

Want to play some really old games. The code in these games is very dependent on hardware / CPU scheduler.

They ran fine on an Athlon Thunderbird ( 1Ghz. )

Can an FX-9590 be downclocked, without damage to the CPU or motherboard chipset?

How? What are the settings?

NOTE : I am not an Overclocker / never overclocked the CPU.

System Specs :

FX-9590, running at 4.7Ghz

DDR3-2133, 32Gig, XMP1.3

RX480, 8Gig

EVGA 1200 P2 PSU ( 1200 watt )

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Re: FX-9590 How to Downclock?

If they are old dos type games then dosbox or virtual box have controls to adjust speed. 

If they are more modern games then frame limiting in the driver by using chill would be a good way to handle this. Just set chill to a max of 60 fps and that will keep it from going crazy fast. FRTC used to be awesome for this in the AMD drivers but in their infinite wisdom AMD took that feature away. 

If you still find you want to limit the CPU speed then the answer for AMD cpus was AMD's overdrive app. You could change clock speed in Windows, again though AMD chose to discontinue it and leave the older processors with nothing. The new app is Ryzen Master and if the name didn't give it away, only supports Ryzen. 

Gigabyte has and app that has worked for me for adjusting clock speed on those processors even on other makers boards. It is called Easy Tune 6. You could try that. I would however suggest trying the first ideas I offered to start with. 

You can get that here:

Adept I
Adept I

Re: FX-9590 How to Downclock?

Thanks for the info, and the link.

Honestly, I did not want to go fooling around with voltage settings in the firmware.

I'll try the chill method first, and go from there.

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Re: FX-9590 How to Downclock?

I agree with you. Simple is best. 

Remember just turning on VSync in game or in the game profile in radeon settings may also help many games behave. 

Good Luck! 

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