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Journeyman III
Journeyman III

FX-8350 despite tower cooler way too hot with 100% load


My AMD FX-8350 is running on idle at about 23°C/73,4°F. (Both sides are taken

off the tower, to prevent overheating.) When im putting 100% Load on it for 5 minutes,

it reaches a peak temperature of 57°C/134,6°F. My cooler is the 'Alpenföhn Brocken'​.

So I heard, that the CPU should not get over 60°C/140°F. The CPU is not modified,

not overclocked or underclocked and running at 4Ghz. It annoys me, that the CPU

reaches such a high temperature with this cooler and both sides taken off.

Does anyone know if these temperatures are normal or why they are that high?

Thanks for your answers.

Yours sincerely, Tim.


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Re: FX-8350 despite tower cooler way too hot with 100% load

The first thing you need to confirm is that you are reading the CPU core temp. Many temp software programs read the CPU socket temp as "CPU". The CPU socket temp is an old hold-ever from days before CPUs had internal temp readouts. You need to be sure that the temp you are reading is the CPU core temp as the socket temp is typically 10-25C higher than the CPU core temp depending on load and duration, as the socket has no active cooling.

The Alpenfohn Brocken cooler is a modest sized tower cooler. Tower coolers come in all different sizes and thermal capacities. Some designs work better than others.

The 8-core AMD CPUs consume a lot of electrical power and that is why they require a proper mobo VRM design and CPU cooler to control the heat generated under heavy load. 57C is not a problem at all under full load. If the 41C shown for "core" is in fact the CPU core temp, then you are way below the 61C max. normal operating temp. Other than running P95 or similar stress testing programs, no software actually loads all 8-cores to 100% load for any significant length of time in normal use.

AMD has failed to post the proper max operating temp for the FX-83xx series and the FX-9xxx series CPUs online but prior FX-81xx model CPUs were limited to 61C for normal max operating temp. There is no issue with running the FX-83xx CPUs at 61C, IME. Adding a second fan to your cooler so that you have a push-pull system might lower the CPU temp a couple degrees under full load but it certainly is not necessary as long as the CPU full load temp is 61C or lower.

I have requested that AMD post the max normal operating temp and P zero state vcore voltages online for each processor so that AMD customers are able to confirm their processor is operating within the design specifications and that the mobo is not over-volting the CPU, as we have seen this problem with a number of FX mobos and 8- core AMD CPUs. Excessive vcore voltage will definitely cause the CPU to run unusually hot. Poorly designed VRM circuits can deliver excessive CPU voltage.

Why does AMD not show the maximum operating processor temp or default vcore?