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Journeyman III

FX 8350 cpu spike in games HELP

Hi guys, i recently got a new graphic card : a Nvidia GeForce Gtx 1060 with a new processor too ; and AMD FX 8350. I installed those two in my pc, but when im playing any games, my cpu usage is spiking really high (too 90-100%) and i get fps drops. Also, my temperatures when playing games seems high : 67-69 °C . The max temperatures of an FX 8350 is 61°, so i replaced my new cooler (which was sent with my cpu) with my old one, i cleaned the cpu and applied new thermal paste, but i didn't changed a bit : the temperature was the same and my cpu was still spiking and making fps drops. I checked it wasn't from an external process or application, and i ran a complete scan of my pc to see if it wasn't coming from a malware. To add some information, i also changed my PSU, which was 450W before and changed it to 750W but still nothing changed.

Thanks in advance for your help here is my specs :

AMD FX 8350 8 core processor

Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 3GB

750 W PSU

8 GB RAM ( 2x4 GB)

By the way, i can't get my motherboard because of some "filled by oem" glitch or something (trying to fix it atm).

Thanks in advance !

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Adept II

Re: FX 8350 cpu spike in games HELP

You said you replaced your 8350 stock cooler with "my old one."  It might help if you told us the type of cooler your old one is?  Also, the brand and model of your motherboard.  I'm running an 8350 on an ASUS  M5A99FX Pro R 2.0 motherboard with 32 GBs of 2400Ghz of GSkill RAM (4X8) and an Corsair H115 liquid cooler and seldom see the CPU temp go over 30-35 C. With the stock AMD heatsink, the temperatures are about the same.   For gaming you'll need something better than a single fan heatsink. The cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo-CPU cooler goes for about $30 and you can mount a second PWM fan on it for push/pull. It has some good reviews too. But mounting it will depend upon the clearance you have in your case.