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For a Desktop computer, which mobo has the least problem with AMD Ryzen™ Threadripper 1950X ?

For a Desktop computer, which mobo has the least problem with AMD Ryzen™ Threadripper 1950X ?

Trying to figure out if the AMD Ryzen™ Threadripper 1950X would be useful to me.

Also trying to find a detailed spec for the cpu, as i would like to ensure i get the right one. Without anything like gpu built in.

I use OpenGL and OpenCL. As for the OS, i use GNU/Linux.

Any pointers welcome, thank you in advance.

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scarfez, excellent question!  I have a 1950X Threadripper (TR) with the following:

ASRock Fatal1ty X399 Pro Gaming, Threadripper 1950X, 2xSamsung SSD 960 EVO RAID, 1TB &

500 GB WD Black, G.SKILL [Flare X (for AMD)] F4-3200C14Q-32GFX, Windows 10 x64 Pro,

Enermx Platimax 850, Enermx Liqtech TR4 CPU Cooler, Radeon RX580, BIOS 2.0

There is a later Beta UEFI available which I tried but it seemed to offer only lower probability of booting for me.  Please see the ASRock Forum on AMD MBs for more information on the board, memory (great advice from datonyb)  and the Beta UEFI.  I have no experience with other vendor boards in the last few years, so cannot compare.  It seems to me they all have a litany of problems.  The is no integrated GPU in the the TR processors.  Right now there are two models, 1920X and 1950X.  The X means extended frequency.  Coming next month, August 2018, rumored, is the 2990X with 32 cores and 64 threads.  TDP is reported to be 250 Watts, so please get a strong PS.  The AMD site has a technical document section with the really deep information.  AnandTech has the best article on the TR II and probably the first TR.  I have not placed links to these resources because the reply must then be moderated and is delayed a few minutes to many hours.  Please come back and ask and I will if you have problems finding them.  I will be glad to try to answer specific questions.  I should say that officially only W10 x64 1703 or above is supported.  I see many user here and the ASRock forum are successfully running Linux.  I know almost nothing about Linux except there seems be well define support for TR.  I did RMA my MB once for a perceived RAID problem.  I got that sorted and am now not sure the RMA was necessary.  I can now help with RAID building - way unnecessarily complicated.  Enjoy, John.