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Journeyman III

FIXED! Ryzen 9 3900x Auto SoC Voltage HWinfo 1.256V 53.6A FIXED!

Asus Prime B350 Plus Bios Version 5407

Auto setting in Bios reports the SoC Voltage is at a more normal 1.026V

But once in Windows it's reporting the voltage and current at 1.256V and Max Current 53.6A

which is obscenely high

Memory speed 2866 Fclk speed also set to auto 1433 which is the normal setting ratio 1:1

which isn't even that fast.

I've messaged Asus about this problem as well, But I think it also needs to be brought to AMD's attention as well because this is the auto voltage setting and at this much voltage compared to others online, I'm sure the cpu is killing itself right now.

Also I need to point out that undervolting the VDDCR SoC in the bios is not dropping the voltage and current in HWinfo,

It does drop performance though in benchmarks like Unigine's Superposition,

so the undervolt would seem to be doing something but it's not dropping the results in the sensors shown in HWinfo.

If there is supposed to be another SoC voltage setting to undervolt the SoC shown in HWinfo,

it's not available in my bios.

But that SoC setting in HWinfo should be around 1.09V like i've seen everyone else with online,or the 1.026V like shown in my bios.

Loadline settings are at their lowest settings as well.

Thanks to qbtheslayer

"Maybe update that ancient HWiNFO64?"

I was getting a miss read from a older version of HWinfo64 and I was also not seeing all the sensors available from my 3900x which I wasn't even aware of.

Thanks very much qbtheslayer

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Maybe update that ancient HWiNFO64?

Also a B350 motherboard is probably pushing the limits of compatibility for a beefy processor like yours.  I wouldn't be surprised if the board just can't do everything you are asking it to do.