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Journeyman III

Fixed IP used if DASH is enabled. Can someone confirm?

We found a Situation, where the IP is used, as soon as DASH is enabled.

Tested Systems: Lenovo Thinkcenter, AMD Ryzen 5 PRO 3400G / HP Elitedesk, AMD Ryzen 5 PRO 3400G.

Both Systems show more or less the same issue.
Differences exists in the reaction to ping on the IP, but in both cases the IP is occupied by the System.

For example, in case of the Thinkcenter, as the System is booted to the OS, there are no more replies to ping to the Address, but the layer 2 "who his" requests are still answered by the System with " is at [MAC of the System].

It would be glad, if someone can confirm this behaviour.

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Had no idea what DASH was, but a quick search indicates it's something akin to IPMI for Lenovo machines.  That would mean it acquires an IP address (it probably defaults to DHCP) for means of control when the system is powered off, and maybe even while it's on if the right settings are chosen.

You say it's a fixed IP, but is that accurate?  Are you sure it's not acquiring that IP from a DHCP server on your network?

For what reason have you enabled DASH if not for some kind of remote management?



This is accurate.

We can reproduce the behaviour even if no DHCP server is present...

We would like to use Dash for remote management.