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Adept I

First time build pc Ryzen 3700x 65 degrees

Hi, This is my first build, i don't too much about it, the only think that i messed up during the build was the thermal paste, before installing it i touched it with my finger

It goes from 50 to 70 degrees only with the browser open... during games sometimes reaches 90 95 deg what i did wrong, the cpu is broken? i have to replace it with a new one?

I just bough a new thermal paste cooler master, you think that i have to change the thermal paste?

Ryzen Master:

Temperature: 69°, Peak Speed 4,117 Mhz, PPT: 100% of 88w, TDC 66 of 60A, EDC 100% of 90A

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Adept III

try repasting with little drops onto chiplet areas, CPU&IO separately, dont touch it  and check if you updated to win 10 1903 & latest AMD chipset drivers with ryzen balanced plan

also disable any auto OC feature in your bios, it will mess up voltage&temps


Hi nickjackalson‌ Thank you for replaying, i have reapplied the thermal paste i think that i downloaded the latest chipset driver(in Ryzen 3700x amd website i found only Ryzen Master), i have already set the Ryzen balanced plan.

In bios i have a lot of features, i have to disable them all? my motherboard is x570-A pro. 


try clear CMOS first and see the default voltage on bios, should be around 1.3V max because of 3700x chiplet binning (3600 sees almost 1.4V)

if this not helps try disabling boost function if it gets normal, possibly mobo injects a bit high voltage

and on stock wraith prsim there is a switch on the cooler, try "high" fan switch instead of "low" rpm


The values that i indicated was with the prism set with the high label, right now seems working well, as you said went into CPU OC and i set Precision Boost Overdrive and Core Performance Boost to disabled.

I found VCore 1.460v, and DDR voltage 1.364V (i think you mean that one, is this value normal?)

Thank you so much right now it never boost and it stay between 42° and 50° in idle, when i play ex: Far Cry 5 maxed out it reaches max 60° before 80° but that means that the pc will never boost to 4? even if needed? Thanks


I think it will boost over 4GHz in gaming, hope new agesa by AMD will solve these issues as my 3600 with that big cooler tends to get 70C in all core, which may be a bit high

Your voltages look normal mate, 1.46 on VCORE looks a bit high but new AGESA may reduce that too


i hope so too! Thank you so much for your help


If you disable "Core performance boost", the PC will not boost at all, and will always remain at the base clocks.  Disabling "precision boost overdrive" prevents the PC from trying to increase the power/current limits of the CPU during boosting.

You can try enabling "core performance boost" but changing the "Minimum Processor State" in the Ryzen Balanced power plan to 5%.  This should drop the temps a bit by allowing for a lower idle state.


Make sure the CPU Cooler is properly installed and making a tight even connection to the CPU surface.  Also make sure you have proper air circulation inside the Computer case. You can check this by removing one side and see if temps go down.

If the CPU Cooler is not making good contact with the CPU if will cause the CPU to start getting very hot or overheat. Plus too much Thermal Paste will do the opposite and will cause a poor heat transfer from the CPU surface to the heat sink.

When i changed the thermal paste i found that it when all out , reapplying the thermal paste gave me -5°. 

Adept I

I got a brand new 3900x and I fixed this issue by choosing the Windows Balanced Power Plan, I don't know if this had something to do with not being able to power the PC after 5 days of working fine, I'm sending my MOBO and CPU to warranty to see what is going on and find out which one is fried.

First day of instalation with Wraith Prism and preapplied paste CPU was 65 degrees idling and went up to 90 degrees ingame after choosing the windows power plan everything got stable.

Thank you for this solution but since i use linux too and i have the same overuse of cpu appear here too i think that i have to left Precision Boost Overdrive and Core Performance Boost disabled.

Now my cpu is silent! 

Adept II

I just built my new rig 

msi x570 gaming plus

amd Ryzen 3500

msi rx 5700 gpu

m.1 Samsung 250g

16g Corsair ram

evga 850 psu

Anyway, I put it together this morning. Double checked all connections and bottled it up. I get no signal from monitor and cpu debug led is lit up. All fans running but no post no signal. I let it sit there for a couple minutes then shut it off. Unplugged it and cleared cmos...tried it again and same thing. Did I get a bad cpu or motherboard from Newegg??


check for RAM slots, generaly 4 slots make users confused and end up putting RAM onto wrong config of slots

check with 1 stick only, and onto the slot which your mobo guide advices you to use


I’ll try that when I get home. I read somewhere that 1st boots on these boards can take up to ten minutes. Is that true? I only waited about 5 minutes if that before shutting it down from the psu (had to as the from power button wasn’t even lit up). 


nope, it will take 20,25 sec max because bios self setup for the cpu, fist your CPU fan should be spinning top speed then afterwards spin slower (pwm setup complete) then post bios splash screen

Adept II

Nope. The cpu fan speed never slowed down which means I have a bad cpu. How’s Newegg’s rma process? Looks like I’ll be calling them first thing tomorrow...sad.