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Journeyman III

Fifteen Day Return Nightmare Please Help!

I am not completely a newb!  Still within my 15 day return window at MicroCenter.  New build H170i cooler, 7950x, 2070 gpu,  asus 670e crosshair extreme, gskill 6000 ddr5 64gb ram, 980 ssd,  win 11 pro,  open case.  bios 1202 and all drivers updated manually from asus web page and are current as of 4/21. I set expo and ram went to 6000 no problems except that every reboot cold or hard shows ram relearning? and takes about 45 to 60 seconds to boot.  windows at idle is cooler liquid @31 and cpu package @46.  when running windows defender full scan cooler never goes past 32 but within 40 seconds package goes to about 90  then throttles down.  When i ran multicore cinebench r23 within 20 seconds the cpu was at 95 and stay there pretty much till i shut it down.  Can someone tell me if this sounds normal?  I changed nothing in bios other than setting the ddr5 to expo.  Any thoughts or advice?

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