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Journeyman III

False advertising of the AMD Athlon x4 845 CPU

About 5 or 6 years ago, I purchased an AMD Athlon x4 845 CPU, with the belief that it is a quad-core processor, as AMD confirms. However, this is not the case. It is a 2 core 4 thread processor and I am displeased with the dishonesty that AMD has shown by falsely advertising this processor. If I had known that the x4 845 CPU has only 2 cores, I would not have purchased it, as the core count is a very important factor in CPU performance. I have seen a post here that says that only 2 cores of the x4 845 are in recognized and used by the PC, which may indicate a problem with the CPU itself and not false advertising. I would like to know whether AMD truly lied about the AMD Athlon x4 845 CPU having 4 cores, or whether I have purchased a dud processor.

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According to all the sites its a quad core quad thread processor. 5 or 6 years is a bit of a long time to decide that AMD have been dishonest ????