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Adept II

facing ram speed issue

I've recently changed my 2400mhz Corsair ram to 3000mhz Corsair ram, Everything swapped and installed fresh windows 10 1903, My ram speed is showing 2133mhz in task manager, So I've upgraded my bios and enabled xmp and the ram speed is changed to 2933 mhz in bios and it's showing 1457mhz in taskmanager and any other app, I used some ram benchmark tools and it says "Corsair 2900mhz clocked at 1457mhz" My ryzen 3 1300x processor only supports upto 2667mhz so it couldn't be running at 2900mhz , I previously used 2400 mhz stick and it worked perfectly it showed 2400mhz in task manager and every where but I'm facing issue with this, My specs are R3 1300x Msi b450 tomahawk Mobo 8gig Corsair 3000mhz 120gig ssd Please help me.

my gaming performance has also been decreased

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Memory clock and memory speed are two different measurements. Memory clock of, say, 1600mhz equals an effective memory speed (as it's DDR, Double Data Rate) of 3200mhz.

Big Boss

chanu_9873, I did not even know that the task manager showed the memory speed.  Obviously it does not know how to do that and your beef is with MS to get it fixed.  Please post a screenshot of Ryzen Master (RM) - simply drag-n-drop the image into your reply.  Did it occur to you that 1457 is really close to half of 2900?  The memory clock is actually half of the memory speed.  DDR means Double Data Rate and in DDR data is transferred on the up transition as well as the down transition.  RM will show the Memory Clock - it will be half the Memory Speed.  Enjoy, John.


i know the memory clock is half the total speed cuz of ddr,

but i have three doubts here

1. my previous ram 2400mhz one showed 2400mhz in task manager but this shows only half

2.after searching online ive seen that the maximum ram frequency r3 1300x could support is 2667mhz but mine running at 2933mhz how? gaming performance has been decreased compared to my previous 2400mhz ram ive lost like 10-12 fps

amd ryzen master says memory clock is 1457mhz and ive checked in command prompt its shows 2993mhz 

and userbenchmark says "8gb dimm ddr4 2933mhz clocked at 1457mhz"ive attached the photo

thanks for your time and help please check theseAnnotation 2019-06-07 204917.png


From MSI Support showing your motherboard's Spec: Specification for B450 TOMAHAWK | Motherboard - The world leader in motherboard design | MSI Global 

I see only one Corsair RAM MEMORY at 3000 Mhz listed for your Ryzen 1xxx Processor. Is this the one you have installed? The Motherboard Supported Speed is 2933 Mhz.

If it isn't it is possible that the RAM is not fully compatible with the motherboard or Processor.

I would remove all the RAM Module installed EXCEPT one and see if it shows correctly. I would do this with all the RAM Modules. Possibly one is defective.

You might want to run MEMTEST86 and see if any errors shows up. If they do remove all but one to find out which RAM is showing the error(s).


I only have one ram module and it is this,

What should I do now I'll run memtest 86 and see any errors pop up,

Thank you.


Yeah, noticed that you only have one RAM installed after I reread your original post.

Is your Ram listed on MSI Motherboard's QVL List?

There is no harm running MEMTEST86. At least it will eliminate obviously defective RAM. But the RAM can pass with flying colors but not still be fully compatible with your Processor or Motherboard.

The reason why your original 2400 Mhz RAM ran at 2400 Mhz is because in the QVL List it shows that it will run at 2400 Mhz. But the RAM you have now, even thought it is 3000 Mhz, the Motherboard will only support 2933 Mhz which is what you are seeing. Unless you use XMP Profiles to overclock the RAM automatically in BIOS.

If you notice your computer becomes unstable or crashes or doesn't boot after enabling XMP, then just do a Clear CMOS (remove Motherboard Battery) to put BIOS back into "default" or go into BIOS and click on putting BIOS back into "Default" Settings.

You mentioned you installed the latest NON-BETA BIOS for your Motherboard. So an BIOS update won't change anything. You should also update your Motherboard's CHIP Set to the latest.

Otherwise it is a good chance your RAM may not be fully compatible with the Motherboard or Processor. If it is listed, then I would contact MSI Support and see what they recommend.

Otherwise I am out of suggestions.

Good Luck!


I've used xmp profile and set my ram running to 2993mhz,

But my gaming performance degraded compared to my previous 2400mhz ram that's why I'm worried,

And every thing shows my ram in half speeds,

Please check my userbenchmark screen shot ,

It says my ram is clocked at 1457 mhz.


chanu_9873, again, I say if you do not like what MS says about RAM speed, talk to them.

Please DO NOT believe everything you read on the Internet!  You have read nonsense.  The maximum RAM speed is just that.  If the user wants to spend the time to tune the RAM, the sky may be the maximum.  A user posted the other day that he had some memory running over 4000 MHz.  Play with it if you like but DO NOT believe everything on the Internet.  userbenchmark  got it correct!  It also said 1 of 4 slots occupied.  You realize your machine has dual memory channels.  With only one stick, you have given up 50% of you memory data rate.  If you really believe your gaming performance is lower, chase that problem and get a DUAL channel memory kit.  Enjoy, John.


Well I couldn't buy an another stick anywhere in the near feature cuz I spent my money on this ram and new tomahawk Mobo,

Are there any alternatives to fix my ram speeds or any place I could do more research and fix this,

Thank you.


chanu_9873, you could buy another identical stick and it would probably work.  It is always better to buy a matched kit, but many have done two singles with success.  I do not know what you mean by this:"Are there any alternatives to fix my ram speeds or any place I could do more research and fix this".   Except for the dual channel problem, you have not identified any memory or speed problem.  You have showed only that some applications report memory speed/clock correctly and others do not.  If you really think your performance is less now than before, please post some evidence and we will try to help you - do not know what you want to research, so cannot suggest anything.  Enjoy, John.

What evidence could I post,

I only noticed it by playing games and my fps is lower than before,

Actually I watched a YouTube video where the difference between 2400mhz ram and 2667mhz is 10-12 fps in games ,

I thought my games would  runbetter if I get faster ram but now the scene has reversed I've lost 10-12 fps instead of gaining it.

What should I do now.


chanu_9873, you have never posted a screenshot of RM as requested above, so I have nothing to consider.  There is the place to start!  I would suggest running a benchmark like Cinebench and screenshot of RM and post it.  We'll start there.  Thanks and enjoy, John.

Journeyman III

right iam haveing the same problme bios is oc to 2800mh its sez its at 2800mh in task manerger it sez 1400mh i got 2 4gb sticks  so i was play rust frame rate just droped to 1fps fro 3mins or so then kicked ithink i no what this problem is caused by its the new update from microsofft version 1903 no problems with version 1809 been up all night triying to sort this go to windows box type comand prompt and type winver it will tell you see it you can download windows version 1809 to sort this dont no what to do when were forced install version 1903  i thort i would shear this with you at firs windows task manager sez 2800mh but now 1400mh 

Journeyman III

It is very strange how much information / mis information is out there on DDR4 and Windows 10.  I have seen all the way up to 3600MHZ working IN the task manager on my MSI X399 SLI+.  It didn't last long BTW.  I have purchased the following kits and tried them:

1. Corsair Dominator Platinum - CMD16GX4M4C3200C16 (got working at 3200MHZ until recently, now just 1600)

2. Corsair Dominator RGB - CMT32GX4M4C3600C18 (got to 3466 pathetically / partially stable?)

3. Gskill SniperX - F4-3600C19Q-32GSXKB (3400MHZ kinda stable)

4. Gskill FlareX - F4-3200C14D-16GFX (refuses to show up past 1600mhz)  (XMP profile 1 = 1473mhz)

MistirJ is exactly CORRECT.  DO NO BELIEVE WHAT YOU READ ON THE INTERNET.  IF, you are brave enough to try DDR4 and X399, PLEASE understand it most likely won't work as advertised.

IF, you try and troubleshoot these matters you will get your intelligence insulted via an infinite amount of search results simply stating "Turn on your XMP Profile...duh brah".  If people that spent thousands of dollars building their own computers and OBVIOUSLY have an affinity for the technology are searching for answers (THERE ARE 1000s of these posts where people desperately want their RAM to function inside of Windows 10)... who in their right mind spends the time to reply to a post with "It's so simple brah, turn on your XMP and you can get 1600MHZ too".

Which is exactly what Corsair and GSkill will eventually respond to your support request with.  "See 1600MHZ is exactly what you are supposed to be getting sir.  Because, you see 1600x2 is 3200.  You see, its DDR so its double."  Which is pretty much all I see on this thread too.  Knuckle heads that don't understand THIS IS A REAL PROBLEM affecting NUMEROUS people that have spent thousands of dollars trying to get the most out of their platforms.

AMD, PLEASE get ahold of your mother board manufactures and the ONE guy you obviously have writing drivers and FIGURE OUT why people cannot get RAM working at the correct speeds it was intended.  PLEASE do not ask me if I have my XMP profiles enabled.  AMD needs to figure out why I have seen and cannot any longer see anything past 1600MHZ in my task manager and CPUZ.  It DOES affect game performance and many other issues. 

The only way you are getting out of this, is if you have a signed statement from Microsoft that says in recent Windows 10 updates "we decided to reference the DDR clock speed in our task manager RAM speed results differently".  Because as far as I can tell, this X399 platform is buggier than the rain forest and somebody needs to get slapped.  THEN there needs to be a comprehensive guide list of Motherboards and WHAT RAM works with them.