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Journeyman III

Event 41 Kernel and random shutdown R5 3600

Hi guys. I have a global problem, it is that the system shuts down spontaneously, the Kernel-Power 41 (63) entry is recorded in the Win10 log.

The system is fresh, the config will be at the bottom. At the moment, I have done several tests (I will describe it below), I have not found a pattern. Also performed stress tests of iron, no problems were identified. I turned to technical support for MSI, AMD, Microsoft for help, but no one gave specific solutions. Hope I can find help here. At the moment I am desperate, because nothing helps.

It all started with the fact that I was worried about the constantly jumping core voltage and frequencies, I wanted to limit the turbo boost and leave overclocking for the future when there was not enough power, and now just use the "sit and go". 

My config:

MB: MSI B450 Tomahawk Max, latest version bios (v3B);

CPU: R5 3600;

GPU: MSI RTX 3060 Gaming X 12G;

DDR4: HyperX 16GB kit (2x8);

SSD 250GB (system) + HDD 1TB;

Cooling: 5х120 + tower ENERMAX ETS-F40-FS for CPU.

Win 10 Pro with all update and latest drivers for system and hardware.

There are no overheating anywhere. In the drain, the system gives out 38-40 degrees, under a load of 70-75.


I did various tests. I selected the stock values ​​in the BIOS, started the memory at 2400 MHz, fixed the processor frequency at 3600 MHz, I chose various power supply schemes (AMD, Windows), but mostly I watched friezes and lags for some time in the game, then it left.

Windows fast startup and System Failure automatically restart as Disable,

I set the following BIOS parameters:

XMP (3200) is ON/OFF;
PBO - Enable;
Global C-State - Enable;
Power Supply Idle Control - Typical;
CPPC and CPPC Preffered Cores - Enable;
AMD Cool&Quite (in my BIOS as PSS) - Enable.

In the last test, I thought I had caught a pattern: all tests passed without crashes, with PBO turned off, but with XMP + turned on, various power schemes, but in the end the system crashed again and I lost the thread of the pattern. Now I have reset the bios and try again. I exhibited a balanced power supply scheme from Windows and XMP is turned on. All other BIOS settings are enabled/stock or auto, PBO is disabled, the memory was also swapped.

At the moment, I see that with PBO turned off, the system gives freezes, but it seems to crash less. I would like the performance to be at the proper level, but without crashes. Honestly, I'm already tired of picking up a working config. Why are the Ryzen's so "praised", but they cannot work as they should. I deliberately chose a configuration for myself and sharpened it for AMD, because I like AMD, but here it is a complete disappointment.

Sorry for a lot of information, but I've been suffering with this problem for a week or two, I decided to paint everything at once, redundantly. Thanks for all.

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