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Adept I


Hi everyone.

I just got the Ryzen 7 2700X and at idles at 50C witch is crazy 'cause I'm using an aio (Corsair h100i) to cool it.

I tried everything I could find on forums but it is still like that.

Any ideas how to fix that?
Bad cpu? bad motherboard drivers? (Bios version is p1.60)


 Ryzen 7 2700X CPU

ASRock x470 Taichi Motherboard

AORUS RGB Memory 16GB (2x8GB) 3200MHz

ASUS GeForce RTX 2070

Windows 10 (64bit)

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Big Boss

maxthenewt, please post a screenshot of Ryzen Master (RM) - simply drag-n-drop the image into your reply and please do not put any other images on top of it and also please do not have black background to your text.  What version of W10 are you running (use winver in command prompt or run dialog).  W10 1903 make a large change to the balanced power plan.  Thanks and enjoy, John.



Hi. Thanks for respond.  Yes, the windows version i'm running is 1903. Should i change it to another one?


Thanks, maxthenewt.  Unless there TIM oozing out the sides, you probably do not have too much.  W10 1903 is fine (I am running it) but you should be aware that MS changed their Balance Power Plan to run at higher frequencies.  You can change the setting in the power plan to your requirements.  Looking at your RM screenshot, something is going on because all the the memory information is zero.  That indicates that someone (you) or something has made changes in the BIOS.  This may explain the EDS but you may also need to raise the limit (this is OCing and may void your warranty).  I recommend you do a Clear CMOS using the instructions in your User Manual, then post another screenshot of RM.  If you re running a MB supplied or any OC applications, please stop.  Enjoy, John.

Hi. No I haven't done anything to the cpu. The BIOS and RM run at default settings. I only activated the XMP profile to get 3200 on dram.
I reinstalled windows and the EDC doesn't seem to be too crazy now, but CPU boosts itself up to 4300MHz wich it didn't do before. pastedImage_1.png


you probably used way too much thermal material on the CPU/cooler interface


Don't think i did. I put computers together before. 
EDC should not be at 95% at idle with balanced power plan on anyway

Journeyman III

How were you able to fix your high EDC (CPU) ?
Mine is always sitting at 95%. I reinstalled windows twice, I am not overclocking the CPU all bios setting are set to default. Precision Boost Override and core performance boost are on AUTO but I don't know if that could be why I am getting high EDC (CPU) I honestly want it to boost automatically while running heavy stuff on it. Are there any MOBO suggestions to disable any options?

Asus Prime Pro x470
32GB 2400Mhz
1080ti FTW3 

Thank you for taking your time on reading this post.