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Adept II

doing test with prime 95 on ryzen 7800x3d came with an error

hello, i was doing some stability test with prime 95 small fft




cant recall if i disabled all the avx related though, just took this pic for reference.

anyways an error came up, what should i do next?

currently the system its with a -30 on curve optimizer.


ryzen 7800x3d

x670e aorus pro x

2x16 32gb 6000mhz expo 1

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Depends how granular you want to get with CO and how close to the edge you are willing to run.

Me I adjust CO in increments of 5. If -30 isn't stable I drop down to -25. And I only use All-core.

There are some folks who tweak CO Per-core, you can either run an all-core load and check Windows Event Manager for which core crashed, or run a single-core load and set affinity in Task Manager to test each core one at a time. It's a cumbersome process either way and not one I'm interested in to eke a few extra MHz out of one or two cores for.

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Big Boss

angeh,I recommend that you do a Clear CMOS and report the results. Thanks and enjoy, John.