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Journeyman III

does X470 MOBO natively support Ryzen second gen

maybe a stupid question,

i want to know if the X470 chipset natively (without bios update) the second gen of Ryzen cpus

i want to upgrade to a R5 2600x, can I just put it in the mob or I need a bios update,

and if not natively compatible, which mobo run it natively? (sorry for the bad English)

Thanks to everyone helping me

2 Replies
Adept II

Yes, it support. NO BIOS update needed.

Before you install the new Ryzen R5 2600X, make sure your Motherboard has the correct BIOS version to support it. 

Go to your Motherboard's manufacturer Support site for your Motherboard. Click on CPU/MEMORY compatible list. There, under CPU, it will show you what BIOS version you need that will support the R5 2600X. If you have the minimum BIOS version installed that supports the 2600X then you can install your new Ryzen R5 2600X and it should boot up. Afterwards I would download the latest Ryzen CHIPSET for the X470 Motherboard.