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Adept II

Re: Does the Ryzen processor line support TPM?

(SOLVED) was bios related. unsure why tho. but rev.C was a no go. downflashed to b and worked but no ram support for even XMP on a tforce 3200c14 kit which does 4000 fclk 2000 on revC c15 timings super tight subs. instead i tried rev D1 for my board and TPM is now set up and working and i have pretty good overclocking headroom on ram. so if anyone else has this unknown random problem. FLASH YOUR BIOS AGAIN!


Re: Does the Ryzen processor line support TPM?


Not sure if you were responding to my original reply about TPM but glad, at least, in your case downgrading your Motherboard BIOS got TPM to work correctly again.

As to my previous reply about TPM, Some Motherboards has a TPM Port where you can physically connect a TPM hardware to do the same thing as a software TPM (fTPM via BIOS) by using a CPU processor.

For instance my Motherboard 570X has a TPM port on it:  1 x SPI TPM header  

All I have to do is purchase a TPM hardware and plug it into that slot for TPM security.

Something like this at Amazon:

Screenshot 2020-12-10 172412.png

With this I don't need to enable TPM using my processor.