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Journeyman III

Does Linux work with this processor?

Is Linux working on AMD A6-7400k?

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Processors work in any OSes. They aren't OS specific.


Thanks for replying, I've seen some people having compatibility issues.


I must correct my previous reply.

You must be talking about Windows 11 and CPU Compatibility.

It is true that you can't install Windows 11 unless the Processor is listed in Microsoft's CPU Supported list for Windows 11.

That is because Microsoft has made some features and technologies that aren't compatible with older CPUs in Windows 11.

But many people have been able to install Windows 11 on PCs that are incompatible with Windows 11 and with unsupported CPUs installed.  They bypass the Windows 11 restrictions. The only problem is Windows 11,according to Microsoft, won't be supported if installed in a incompatible PC.

But Windows10 and older will work on any CPUs  without issues.

EDIT: From what I have read all AMD Processors run without issue and are compatible with the newer versions of Linux OS.

Possibly the only issue you might have is finding Linux Graphics drivers that are compatible with your APU Integrated Graphics.

Found this really old Phoronix Article about your AMD APU processor and Linux OS:

The A6-7400K has two CPU cores (plus four GPU compute cores) with the CPU being clocked at 3.5GHz with a 3.9GHz Turbo frequency with Radeon R5 class graphics.Aug 9, 2014

AMD A10-7800 & A6-7400K APUs Run Great On Linux Review › review › amd_apus_august