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Journeyman III

Do I need to upgrade my CPU ?

Hello, I'm new here!

I have a Ryzen 5 2600. I have just replaced my GTX 1070 for an RTX 2080ti.

I have some issues with Ubisoft games, probably due to the fact that they are not well optimized. 

Anyway I am playing on a 4k 60hz monitor (it's not Gsync) and I am not a competitive player.

My PC is 100% dedicated to games, I don't stream and I don't do anything else than gaming.

The problem I have with most of the UBI games seems to be related to my CPU, it's looks like my GPU often don't reach more than 70-80% load, which I think it's not normal. I should get 90+ ....

I was just wondering if my low FPS are CPU bounded...

And would that help getting a 3700x ?

thanks for any advice.

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Really depends on the game, and going from 2600 to 3600 your probably looking at +9-15 fps gain with some select DX12 (and vulkan) games like Shadow of The Tomb Raider and its like going as high as 20+ or so from what i'ved seen.

And No, your CPU usage should never get 100% load during gameplay and thats normal, if you ever see all your CPU Cores/Threads going 100% while gaming then you need to check your system for whatever process is using that much CPU load in the background.

Personally i would go for the 3700x or 3800x since you already have a 2080TI, might as well give it some room so it can run at its best. Plus almost all UBI games use Denuvo or Worse, VM+Denuvo on top for double drm sht sandwich that only adds more uneeded load to your system, so having more Cores/Threads in this case will help a bit with your overall system performance with future UBI games (RT enabled games in particular) that are sure to be even more resource intensive like GhostRecon Breakpoint.


Thanks for these tips.

I'm only playing at 4k but it's look like the drops I get (again most UBIshit games) are related to the CPU. When I get these drops I can see that my GPU is not full load... around 70-80%...

And my CPU about 40-60% but with some of the cores near 80-95%.

I have tried Ghost Recon Breakpoint and it seems this game has many issues with optimization. I get more an average of 70 fps and suddenly just zoom in with my scope I have major drops to 40 fps... And with Vsync On it's unplayable.

I have even tried the game in 1080p and I get the same issues... my GPU at 1080p is about 30-40% load....

I think I will get the 3700x hoping that will fix my issues with UBI games.


I think it's just the games, almost all games these days are released broken,... Most of them get patches for months so they work properly. Also drivers get updated, etc. 

Only playing on 4k,... This is still a very high resolution for most new games. Ghost Recon Breakpoint is hardware monster,...  You do have more than 8 GB of RAM and a SSD or better drive ? 

Also when you have 60Hz monitor you should set your game to max 60 FPS, this way your FPS drops will be much less noticable and your not rendering for nothing since your monitor will not display more than 60 FPS anyhow. 

If none of your hardware get's used 100% it logically can not be the hardware that causes the problem. 

You should rather send a message to ubisoft for the games you have and let them take a look in it. 

If game developers do not get complaint they do not fix anything and are not aware of it. 

You should really wait a while with upgrading after having contacted ubisoft about it.


16gb RAM and NVME drive.

I don't understand why capping my FPS to 60 would help with FPS drops?? I understand that I don't have to render more than 60 FPS as I have a 60hz monitor but for FPS drops I am not following you...

I don't have any issues playing at 4k with any of my other games, I just have to lower some settings or use the in-game scaling and set it to 0.9x or 0.8x and have a great experience. 


Because you have a bigger resource buffer upwords that way. Hence the stutter can get minimised and or get's less noticable because your not coming from much higher FPS. 

It's SLI system tactic (micro stuttering), read it a decade ago or so but it still applies today and also on non sli systems. 


I am using Vsync so I guess it's the same as capping to 60 fps no?


No it's not the same. With vsync the driver/ game sync's the screen refresh rate's and fps. However this can cause complications with the game or driver and can have bad results. 

With just a FPS cap and no vsync you also have no input lag or possible bad results (lower performance and such).

I say possible, it can be that the game/driver works just fine with vsync on however a input lag is still always there, however it's possible you do not notice,...

Some games have ingame FPS caps or you can use MSI Afterburner.

Journeyman III

Leaving Vsync OFF on my monitor (LG OLED TV) is unplayable! even if I have cap my FPS to 60 if it drops below 60 it gets ugly! 


Try using Fast sync instead. Disable in game vsync then open up nvidia control panel->Global settings and look for an entry that says vsync,  select fast sync from the drop down menu then apply.

Try it out, its monitor agnostic so it should work on any display device. Won't really solve your original problem but it should improve performance a bit without having to use full vsync.


thank you I will try that... but for most of my games (I don't really play competitive games) Vsync works fine if I manage to not drop below 60 fps. I don't really notice the input lag caused by turning it ON.

Next step will be a Gsync TV.


Yeah I think that would be a better option than a new cpu,... Also contact Ubisoft about your FPS drops,... They make the games. 


Yea that gsync monitor is gonna be a pricy investment.

Would still recommend you upgrade the CPU first before the monitor though (just be sure to  keep the boards bios up to date before dropping in a new processor) Only need to keep track of online etailers for some good deal's this coming hollidays.

And it sounds like your pretty satisfied with your 4k tv as your display device already anyway and don't really play games competitively atm which is when investing in gsync display would be a great idea.

Not really sure if UBi will ever fix these issues your having anytime soon, and from my own personal experience playing ubi games recently, they don't have a good track record of fixing bugs on their new game releases these past few years (I already finished GR WildLands campaign before they even decided to fix half of the issues I was having with that game)

Beyond Good and Evil is probably the only UBi game that I'm excited about and that games a long ways off from release but hopefully by then UBi would have fully embraced DX12 or vulkan. But knowing UBi, they probably would sooner adapt a new form of DRM than to fully embrace a better/faster API lol.


If I turn ON fast sync in the Nvidia panel would I get tearing when the fps drops below 60 ? (On a 60hz display).

The only competitive game I play is COD... and my monitor supports 120hz at 1080p, but probably my CPU won't output 120fps... ??


It usually doesn't since fast sync is kinda like vsync lite but with triple buffering added in,  but unlike triple buffering, fast sync has little to no input lag. It does vary from game to game though, but most of the time I don't really see as much screen tearing with it on, its still there sometimes and you Can notice it if your actively looking for it (compared to just having vsync on) but its not as bad as having vsync off.

If your fps target is 120+ or more then yes, a faster CPU will definitely help you achieve that, especially when it comes to resource intensive games.

Though I don't really know how well the new COD runs yet or how well it scales when it comes to CPU cores, but I do know that its the First DX12 only COD game in the series so it could very well run great with more cores/threads, so depending on the settings, it could be possible to run it at 120 on your system. 

Just Gonna have to wait for the game to release plus day1 launch drivers (which should be available by now) for benchmarks of the final game (non beta) to pop up online to find out.