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Journeyman III

Disable CPU turbo

I have spent awhile looking at different forums and places trying to figure this out and yet to learn anything that is helpful. With this newly built computer of mine I have discovered that the CPU is running above the base stock GHZs normally about 4.4 ghz from windows 10 task manager or 3600mz to 4499mhz according to MSI CPU-Z. I am running a AMD Ryzen 7 3800X on a MSI 570x motherboard everything is up to date and I am sure this is the windows 10 cpu turbo causing me problems. 

I wouldn't worry so much if it wasn't for the reving up and down of my cpu fan and the added heat while idling. Is there a way to disable this easily without voiding my warranty? Also I've been having issues getting into windows 10 bios to fix this. 

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Big Boss

steelwolf19, there is noting called 'turbo' in AMD Ryzen.  Please download and run Ryzen Master (RM) and post a screenshot - simply drag-n-drop the image into your response.  Post all your components and read the RM Quick Reference Guide.  Thanks and enjoy, John.

Adept I

First thing i need to tell you how to get UEFI settings in Windows 10.

Just type "advanced startup" to search bar of windows. Then restart it under Advanced Startup title.
When computer reboots, select Troubleshooting, you will see something like *** firmware settings of *****.
After selection of that, you will get to UEFI BIOS. Then you should search for turbo things. I will restart my computer when my tasks done, i will try to lead you step by step.

the bios on my x570 has options to enable or disable several cpu features

you can find it with the advanced options

PBO and XFR are BIOS settings that boost the CPU.  Similar to Overclocking your Ryzen safely. You can disable both if either or both are enabled in BIOS/UEFI.

Also in some BIOS/UEFI they have Core Boost. You can enable or disable that also.

Journeyman III

It took me some time, longer due to being out of town thanks to the holidays, but I was able to figure out what was 'overclocking' my cpu. MSI Motherboards come with Performance boost, this ramped my 3.9 base to the turbo setting of 4.5. I use turbo as that is what Intel's cpu uses for its mild overclocking. After disabling the boost, my pc is running cooler, quieter but a tad bit slower. This is a good trade off. 

For those wondering you need to hold Del key down during restart to access a msi uefi should the windows shortcut not be there. From there you can find the setting in Advance, Cpu configure, Precision boost and disable it and enable AMD cool and quiet. This took me calling MSI to figure it out. 

I apologize for spending so long away and not giving more information but the Holidays were a bit rough this year and I was without a computer.

Journeyman III


Following these steps on my Ryzen 4800H cooled it down by 15-20 C.

Registry Editor -> HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE -> System -> Current Control Set -> Control -> Power -> Power Settings -> 5453325... -> be337238... -> (Right click) Attributes 1-->2

Edit Power Plan -> Change Advanced Power Settings -> Processor Power Management -> Processor Performance Boost Mode -> Disabled

Hope this helps.

Kind Regards...

"Stay frosty" Thanks, it worked perfectly for me, I was looking for a quick solution for my temperature problem with my 5900x and this worked perfectly, literally my processor reached peak temperatures of 85°C when I was playing and with this solution it does not go above 50°C. I owe you a beer bro!!!


You legend, since I can't access my fan settings (blame the manufacturer) nor change any cpu settings in bios (again, blame the manufacturer) You have managed to solve the issue i have been having for the past month (cpu temps hitting a cool 89 degrees Celsius) 

I can't thank you enjoy for your service