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Journeyman III

Digital noise getting into the ground plane

I have built many PC Windows based computers over the years for my recording & mastering studio. I recently upgraded my DAW computer using AMD Ryzen 2700x and Asus X470 Pro, Corsair DDR and Corsair transformer (all brand new)

I am facing a very annoying ground noise problem as soon as my USB cable touches the outside of one of the usb ports or any metal on the motherboard. It's basically not usable in a recording/mixing audio environment.
The noise is very high pitched and scratchy when I use the mouse or when I get more activities.
The noise is also present when I'm in the BIOS. I tested PCI-e and USB audio devices. Same problem.

This problem is ONLY when I use the new computer!
If I switch back to the old one or even my laptop, there is no noise at all. So i know it's not a cabling or active studio monitor problem but just within the new computer!

After chatting to ASUS Support, I RMA the Asus board to my retailer and when I tested the second Asus X470 Pro, the noise remained.

I also swapped the transformer of the old computer (both Corsair 600w and 650w) without success.
All the tests have been done inside and outside the tower case.

What else I could try?

Could it be a faulty CPU ?

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

Cheers. Y

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