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Journeyman III

Did AMD Ryzen Master make my Ryzen 5 1600 worse? How can I go back to stock settings if so?

Hi, so I just got a new gaming desktop about a week ago with the specs of:


GTX 1060 3GD5

AMD Ryzen 5 1600 6 core 3.20gz

I've been testing it out with DOOM (2016) and can play on Ultra with a mostly consistent 60FPS (vsync) until recently. 

I know how to update my GPU drivers so I wondered if I needed to potentially download drivers for my CPU so I googled and the only one I found was called AMD Ryzen Master which I didn't realize was only overclocking software until after I had downloaded it. 

While I don't think I changed anything in there (I uninstalled it almost immediately because again, I know nothing about PC hardware and i'm not looking to overclock or change from stock), I went back to DOOM and started getting a lot of FPS issues all of a sudden, even areas where it was dropping from 60FPS to 30FPS which I don't think had happened at all prior. 

Is it possible I could have changed some settings by mistake and possibly made my CPU run worse and therefore my games as a result? If so, how can I go back to the stock settings to where nothing was changed at all? I've uninstalled and re-installed it several times now trying to check and I had tried clicking on reset/default but that said it would restart and i'm worried about clicking on anything I don't know about that could make it worse.

Sorry if this is a dumb question, I tried looking it up but couldn't find anything. Thank you for the help if possible!

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Big Boss

mophes, this is certainly not a dumb question!  Ryzen Master (RM) opens on a default tab (Current) that is Read Only.  So unless you opened a new tab at the bottom, changed things and clicked Apply would there be any affect on your machine.  Even this will be undone when you close RM and not come back when RM is opened unless you Click Apply.  I cannot speculate what has happened, but recommend you do a Clear CMOS using the instructions in your User Manual.  This should get you back to ground zero. There are no CPU drivers, but there are Chip Set drivers that should be updated.  RM is a great utility and I run it most of the time.  It is the only truly AMD trusted application to report CPU temperature.  There is no reason not to run it at least occasionally  to see how things are running and I almost always ask for a screenshot to help users.  Need to know your MB and memory configuration for more help.  Thanks and enjoy, John.

Oh, so even if something was changed in RM it won't actually take affect unless I were to keep going into it and hitting apply? That's good to know at least! So everything should be at normal as it was already then hopefully based on that. I'll probably leave it installed then, even if I never touch it lol. 

I downloaded the chipset drivers but I have no idea what the Clear CMOS thing is. Is that something that would be needed to do? Not sure where to find about the MB or memory thing either.

Thank you for the help! 

Big Boss

mophes, you never said what MB you are using.  The User Manual will describe in detail how to preform a Clear CMOS.  It will get you back to factory settings, in effect.  I think you should try it.  How many sticks of memory are you running and what slots are they in?  Thanks and enjoy, John.