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Adept I

Defective 5600x...


After a lot of sleepless nights trying to find a solution on my brand new PC , i finally found out that my new CPU must be defective.

So what happend?

Well , since I have my new PC , it constantly restarts and I get a lot of BSOD's. Sometimes I don't even have the time to login into Windows , sometimes I can play (my max) for 40 mins. 

Also during completely new Windows installs , during the installations the PC even restarts all the time. Also a ton of Fatal Error codes in Event viewer.

I've tried everything:

Every bios version , including the newest , every driver , and chipset driver. Cmos reset , default settings , XMP off/on , windows reinstall , unplugging and plugging back in.

I also swapped every component in my PC , I've tried 3 different RAM sticks - problem still there. I tried 2 different motherboard (with latest bios) - problem still there. Different PSU , GPU , SSD - problem still threre.

The moment I placed a Ryzen 5 3600 in my computer everything worked like a charm. Stresstested the CPU for 11hours over the night , no restarts or any other sign of a problem.

Then I put my ryzen 5 5600x in my friend's PC (which is also bios updated and works 100%) and boom , his PC instantly restarts and gets a BSOD.

The CPU is defective and now I guess I have to RMA it? Sending it back to the vendor and waiting for my money/replacement will probably take as long as sending it to AMD. Which is a shame , really.

Yesterday , around 1PM , I've requested a RMA on the AMD website , I got the 2 automatic emails from them but still didn't receive the one with the shipping instructions etc. (And now it is 16PM already the next day) I've read everywhere that email should arrive either the same or the next day.

@Matt_AMD do you have maybe anything to say to this , I mean do you know anything about this problem and do you think you could maybe take a quick look on my RMA case to see if everything is normal?

Thank you in advance for anyone :)

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Adept I

@Matt_AMD Oh i forgot to give you my ticket number. 8201027165 , there you go ;)


@Matt_AMD so I decided in the end to sent the CPU back to the vendor . Since I was still in the 14 days period , because AMD didn't seem to respond and I had alot of negative feedback from AMD RMA.

I'm gonna get my money back and buy a new one. You can close my RMA case / request now. Incase I will again get a defective CPU , I will reopen a new request.


Okay thanks for letting me know, hopefully things are better with the replacement. 



Adept II

Hey, I have a very similar situation. It's been a nightmare. Just updated my post with my last findings, might be worth checking it out