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Dead CPU? AMD Ryzen 3700x


Recently my PC stopped turning on and after removing the CPU it would start up indicating it's probably a CPU issue?

whenever I shut down my PC through windows my fans would start spinning at full blast and it wouldn't stop until I turned off my PSU, this issued happend about 4-5 times but it wasn't a regular issue and it would fix itself. It only happend for about 5 days.

Then one time it happend when I started it up, turned off the PSU restarted after leaving out the PSU cable for 10 minutes and it started up fine, then a few hours later my PC completely froze, gave me a pixelated blue screen that was unreadable and started blasting fans. I was forced to turn off the PSU since I waited over half an hour and nothing changed. After this my PC never started up again, no led's on mobo, no beeps nothing. 

I replaced the PSU since it seemed the most logical issue, but same issue. After trouble shooting it a bit better it seemed to be the CPU, after removing it everything seemed to startup (light up maybe).


The issue im facing now is how ? I had the CPU for over a year 0 blue screens or any other issues, there are no bent pins, no burn damages, the CPU looks pretty much brand new. I checked the mobo, no damages there either. The CPU has NEVER been overclocked or tested to its max potential, probably the biggest game I've played was new world on it and it didn't have any issues for the 2 weeks I played it. It has never gone over 50 degrees and was always steady at 35-40...


I'm so confused



To give a bit more inside these are my specs:

Ryzen 3700x

MSI B550 gaming plus

32 GB 3600 mhz vengeance rgb pro

MSI 2080 super

750w Corsair & coolermaster PSU (I replaced it since I thought that was the problem xd)

2 samsung m2 ssd's 970 and 860 evo

Phantek p360a

MSI Liquid cooler 240r

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Just got an update, AMD accepted a RMA did say they made a 'exception' since I did not have a receipt. Went pretty quickly, got given a express shipping label and within 3 days I got a e-mail back that it passed for a replacement product. 


Quite happy with the end result, just waiting for it to arrive now

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Any CPU or component can fail at anytime..

I don't think it is so common now as it was back in the 80's and 90's but can happen..

You do get a 3 year warranty on you CPU, so try that..

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One way to check the CPU is by removing all connecting hardware from the motherboard except the CPU and PSU.

When you power on the Motherboard and the CPU Trouble LED light stay on then most likely it is either a defective CPU or Motherboard. But if the CPU Trouble LED Light turns off and then the RAM Trouble LED Light turns on then that indicates the BIOS found the CPU good and passed its test but didn't find any RAM installed.

Install one stick of RAM Memory and power up again. The Motherboard then now should show a GPU Trouble LED light on and both the RAM and CPU Trouble LEDs turned off.

If you believe the CPU is defective and your purchased the 3700X in a official AMD Retail Box then you have a 3 year AMD Warranty to RMA the processor to see if it is defective or not from here:

I would also open a Motherboard Support ticket to see if it also needs to be RMAed or not.

In my opinion, I believe a Motherboard would go bad before a processor would.




When the CPU is installed nothing turns on, motherboard does not indicate any lights pretty much no power whatsoever. Removing the CPU the rest turns on and i'll get a CPU led.


Sounds like either a dead or shorted CPU or shorted Motherboard CPU Socket which causes the PSU to disable power outputs to prevent damage to the PSU and the motherboard.

Open a AMD Warranty Request and see if they believe your CPU needs to be RMAed or replaced:

Also open a Motherboard Warranty to see if they also might believe your motherboard needs to be RMAed or replaced.

One way to check to see if it is the CPU or Motherboard is either by installing another CPU on the motherboard or install your 3700X on another motherboard and see if the same thing occurs.


Sadly I dont have another CPU or motherboard or know anyone who might have one,

I Opened a RMA and they agreed on a return but sadly enough I doubt it will get accepted since it was purchased by my ex-girlfriend and I don't think i'm going to get that receipt they demand...





You mean you are not the original owner of the CPU?

If that is true than the AMD Warranty is voided. Your ex-girlfriend is the only one that can RMA the processor back to AMD.

The reason why AMD Warranty is voided is because it isn't transferable to a second or more Owners. It is valid only for the original Owner that purchased the CPU.


I'm from The Netherlands I'm pretty confident that warranty is transferable? I see plenty of people advertising (highly vouched sellers) that the product still has warranty and they are private sellers. I even read on a AMD sub-reddit that within the EU warranty is transferable by law, the only issues is that if you don't have a receipt the warranty goes in on the day of release instead of the day of delivery (I could be wrong on the last part).


If you purchased the AMD Processor from a EU Retailer you do have a 2 year automatic Warranty from the Retailer by EU's Consumer laws but not from the Manufacturer. 

In your case you have a used item that you got from a private individual which is not covered by EU Consumer laws:


Second-hand goods

Second–hand goods that you buy from a trader are also covered by the minimum 2-year guarantee. However, goods bought from private individuals are not covered.

In some EU countries, when you buy second-hand goods you can agree with the trader on a guarantee period of less than 2 years. However, it must be no shorter than 1 year and should be made clear at the time of purchase."




As you have stated, you have not done anything to breach the warranty by abusing the product or using it in another manner than it's intended use. For which they can and more than likely will test as a part of the process on their end. You should have no real concerns with any of the process.

Even from the motherboard side one gets a warning from the BIOS that one has to accept that proceeding to use certain features that one will breach ones warranty. Just as stated by the use of Ryzen Master at the bottom of the page, one will basically breach the warranty by using it basically. (refer to footnote on website)

Defects do occur, as stated in another previous reply. Long ago I once saw the inside of a case where a modem blew and the inside of the case had a "shadow cast" which is not explainable for me with words in which the line into the modem took a strike from lightening. Whether anyone believes me or not, this is one of the reasons why after spend several hundreds of dollars that a simple UPS now protects my system. i.e. "things" happen (can't use the actual intended word)

Most companies that I've done RMA's with never really had issue in doing them. Yet with certain hard drives companies they did want me to run their diagnostic software prior to receiving a RMA number. But I'd look at the warranty coverage time from their website and compare it to the date stamp on the drive. 

You might not have the receipt, but I doubt you'd have an issue so long as you return ship your processor back in the retail box. Which in my opinion is better than buying one that's been shipped in a tray.  lol


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Just got an update, AMD accepted a RMA did say they made a 'exception' since I did not have a receipt. Went pretty quickly, got given a express shipping label and within 3 days I got a e-mail back that it passed for a replacement product. 


Quite happy with the end result, just waiting for it to arrive now